Zoe Saldana opens up about her Star Trek role and meeting franchise ‘icon’ Nickel Nichols

star trekNickel Nichols dies at the age of 89 Came as a shock to many fans and co-stars. As soon as this news hit the press, a series of condolences and tributes started. mate star trek Icons including George Takei and William Shatner pay tribute to Uhura actresswhereas star trek Veterinarian Whoop Goldberg shares heartfelt response on the death of nicholas sight, But there was a voice missing star trek Chorus – Heiress of veteran actress Zoe Saldana. Now the Uhura of the Calvin universe opened up about him star trek Role playing and meeting the franchise icon.

star trek The actress finally broke her silence this week by paying tribute to Nicholas instagram stories. Saldana penned a touching message alluding to the late actress’s influence on not only television, but pop culture at large. Guardians of the Galaxy The star opened up about how Nichols helped her land the iconic role during their first meeting.

Meeting Nickel was really a very special moment in my life. Whenever I was in his presence, his energy was infectious. He assured me that anything can be achieved, if you put your heart into it. I mean she inspired Mae Jameson to follow her dreams of becoming an astronaut and that’s exactly what Mae did. I knew I had big shoes to fill when I was cast to play Uhura, and Nickel made me feel safe, telling me to play in the world with full confidence. It is my hope that we will continue to keep his memory alive by celebrating his wonderful work and spreading the message of peace and equality among all people. She remained influential for a long time and not only prospered, but also helped many others to prosper.

Meeting with Nichelle Nichols about playing Uhura helped Zoe Saldana deal with the expectations the Trekkies had for the iconic character. With a nice nod to the space-travel franchise, the actress had more to say about Nichols in her full Instagram message.

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Nichols’s reassuring words to the Calvin Universe actress echoed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s sentiment when he reassured star trek stay icon original series, because Nichols was on the verge of leaving after the first season. Thankfully she remained on the show and inspired not only Saldana, but millions of others like Mae Jameson, the first black woman to travel in space. She extended her influence to promote NASA programs and recruitment. The late entertainer’s reach surpassed just television or six originals star trek movies.

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