You Won’t Believe Which Bravo Selling Sunset Emma Hernan Appeared On – E! online

ready to be mesmerized by selling sunset Dialect

star of the show Emma Herman once registered your presence southern charm-Season three, episode nine to be exact.

We have eagle-eyed Bravo fan Eli Manor to thank for this reconciliation. On 28 April, he shared a tiktok Emma’s cameo revealed. In the clip, Emma can be seen introducing herself Shep Rose And Craig Conoverwho was in LA with his co-star on a boys’ trip Whitney Sudler-Smith at that time.

“Are you all California girls?” Shep asks Emma and her group of friends before the camera flashes, where she complains of being overwhelmed by her selection of potential flies. “Sometimes the buffet has too many options.”

Emma can later be seen sitting at a pool table beside Craig, but that’s to the extent of her. southern charm Presence. As for Shep, he went home alone. So much for that buffet!

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