You Must See This Side-by-Side Video of Nicki Minaj and Adele Rapping “Monster” – E! Online

raise your hand if you want Nicki Minaj And Adele To cooperate

carpool karaoke host James Corden He definitely has his hand up! During the “Anaconda” rapper’s April 6 appearance, she performed one of his infamous songs. Kanye WestThe star-studded 2010 hit “Monster”.

As Nicky, 39, begins her poem, the camera split into two side-by-side screens, one of which featured Adele rapping along to Nicki’s “Monster” poem in 2016. case Of carpool karaoke,

Nicki said she loved the “Someone Like You” singer’s tribute and said it made her “so, so happy”. pink Friday The rapper also praised the British singer as someone who “embodies Nicki Minaj.”

Nicky not only showcased her rhyming skills but also gave fans a chance to taste her acting by putting on her best Adele voice.

“I go viral for basically anything, do you know what I mean? I sit down to a basketball game, right? I don’t look at the camera,” she wrote, referencing Adele. Said in a British accent. courtside attendance 2022. Feather all-star game, “People pay for viral moments like this.”

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