Woman star Trevor Bauer accused of Dodgers denies order to stop sexual assault – E! Online

The judge noted that “the injuries shown in the photographs are horrific” but added, “If he had set limits and he exceeded them, the matter would have been clear. But he set limits without considering all consequences, and Respondent did not exceed the limit set by the petitioner, according to ESPN.

Lisa Helfand MeyerPlaintiff’s attorney said in a statement to E! News, “While our clients are disappointed with the judge’s decision, they hope that Mr. Bauer will voluntarily seek help to ensure that no other woman in his dating relationship suffers the same painful fate that he did. That is why she was ready to come forward and let the victim bear with Mr. Bauer’s charge that she knew it would inevitably result. Protecting not only herself but also other women from the hands of this troubled man was always The priority has been – and will continue to be so.

Bauer’s lawyer, Sean Holly And John Fetterolph, said in a statement following the decision, “We are grateful to the Los Angeles Superior Court that they today denied a request for a permanent restraining order against Mr. Bauer and struck down the temporary restraining order. While we are waiting for this result, We’re hoping because the petition was filed in June, we commend the Court for reviewing all relevant information and testimony to make this informed decision.”

the time around which the temporary restraining order was issued, Police started investigation In two alleged encounters between the woman and Bauer, which the woman said took place on April 21 and May 16 at Bauer’s home in Pasadena, California. No arrests have been made and no criminal charges have been brought against the athlete.

Fetterolf previously said in a statement that Bauer had “brief and fully consensual sex” by the woman beginning in April and that involved “only two meetings”.

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