William Shatner and the Miss Congeniality Cast Celebrate ‘Perfect Day’ With One of the Flick’s Most Memorable Scenes

Describe your idea that a perfect date is a fun ice breaker for guys. Well lately the answer is no “taking a long walk on the beach” or “living life to the fullest”. Fans Are Focusing On Cheryl Frazier’s Answer Instead miss Congeniality When she said “April 25. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.” To better celebrate the “perfect date”, the cast of William Shatner and miss Congeniality Celebrating one of the most memorable scenes from the flick had its own ways.

We can all thank Miss United States crown winner Cheryl Frazier for sticking this “perfect date” of April 25th on our minds. It is not survived by the cast of the date miss Congeniality either. according to this Entertainment Weekly, the cast have shared their admiration for the date. Heather Burns, who played Cheryl Frazier, posted instagram A photo from the film of Cheryl crying as the victory crowd was torn down by FBI agent Gracie Hart with the caption “Wishing everyone love, light and a perfect date!”

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