Will Smith Shares the Venus Williams Moment That Helped Him Fall in Love with His Dad Before He Was Made King Richard

The Williams sisters went on to become the greatest professional tennis players of all time, but every success story begins elsewhere. In the case of Venus and Serena, it was their father Richard Williams who helped them begin their journey to becoming champions. His story is told in the new film King Richard, one who sees Will Smith playing late father and coach, According to the actor, his interest in fathering women was gone many years before he read the script of the film.

During King RichardAt a virtual press conference attended by CinemaBlend, Will Smith shared that Richard Williams was an influence on him in the ’90s. In his words:

There was an interview that Venus was doing. It’s a famous interview where Richard Williams pounces on the reporter and says, ‘Now she’s going to say how she’s going to say it with complete confidence.’ I saw the look of Venus’ face in real time and my heart lit up as I wanted my daughter to look when I showed up. And that interview really changed my upbringing at the time.

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