Will Clifford the Big Red Dog talk in his upcoming movie? This is what the creative team says

There are a lot of Talking Dog movies, right? and volta [Becker, director], I’m just going to blow some air. Walt was a pleasure to work with, and Walt always had the impression that Clifford needed to be real. And so, like in the book, where you had a line drawing and a red dog that you can imagine and take to your heart, the standard sitting in the theater is something that is alive has to feel alive all the time. The moment you start speaking in English, or in French, or in German, or in Portuguese, whatever, it is no longer real. He is a character in an animated film. And that’s not what we set out to make. And then, like this, you know, [original author] Norman Bridwell is sitting on our shoulders saying, ‘Don’t spoil it and do it the right way.’ Trying to make it real. So no, he doesn’t speak… he doesn’t have any kind of silly humorous reaction.

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