Will Ben Affleck and George Clooney star in a movie together? Argo star shares thoughts after two people walk the red carpet together

If you want to fill a room with the best and critically acclaimed actors and filmmakers alive today, Ben Affleck and George Clooney will certainly make an appearance along with some of their other Hollywood colleagues and friends. Surprisingly, two symbols never worked together in a filmBut will it always be like this? NS argo The star shares his thoughts on a possible future where he and Clooney share the screen together after sharing the red carpet with them while attending the premiere raise the tender.

Apparently the fact that Ben Affleck and George Clooney didn’t star together, according to Affleck, isn’t for lack of want. in an exclusive interview with atThe actor has nothing but praise NS midnight sky actor And says he’d love to star in a project with Clooney, but it’s really up to him at the moment. Here’s what Affleck says, exactly:

I would love it. He’ll have to hire me. I mean, he has to cast himself and hire me. Maybe this is the next step. He’s a really really smart actor, and what I’ve really learned about George as an actor is that George really understands how to calibrate a performance. He really understands the expectations of the audience. The truth is, he’s really good at this thing.

Ben Affleck

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