Why Venom 2 Is Right to Change Carnage’s Ridiculous Comics Origins

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage changes the origins of the carnage for the better, eliminating many ridiculous symbiotic coincidences and contradictions.

WARNING: Contains SPOILERS for the following Venom 2: Let the Massacre Happen Trailer.

a new trailer for Venom 2: Let the Massacre Happen reveals major changes in the origins of the supervillain massacre, which changes the story for the better. Massacre first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #360, Where Peter Parker responded to reports of a monster that looked like Venom, but his body was red in color instead of black. He soon learns that he faces a much more powerful and dangerous foe than Venom, created by the union of a new symbiote and serial killer Cletus Cassady.

cletus casado first appeared a year ago Amazing Spider-Man #344, where he was introduced as Eddie Brock’s cellmate in Raikar Island. A natural sociopath and monk, Kasadi was convicted of 11 murders (including his grandmother’s) during his young life, although he bragged about many more murders. Cassady planned to kill Eddie Brock as well, but not before Brock was able to escape from prison with the help of the Venom symbiote. Unfortunately, the symbiote was about to give birth to its own kind and left its progeny behind in the cell, where it bonded with Cassady, creating Carnage, who was more powerful than Spider-Man and Venom, Carnage was put together because of the symbiote. Womb on an alien world.

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NS trailer for Venom 2: Let the Massacre Happen It turns out that the film significantly alters this original, as the film version of Eddie Brock is not a convicted felon and thus could not share a cell with Cletus Cassady. Instead, Brock visits Cassady in his role as a journalist, so that he can be interviewed as part of a story on his crimes and his impending execution. During the interview, Cassady bit Brock and apparently drew blood, although he remarked that “I’ve tasted blood before and it’s not like that!” This suggests that Kasadi swallowed part of the venom symbiosis, which somehow developed into a separate existence inside him and developed into the carnage.

Carnage Let There Be Carnage and Marvel Comics in Venom 2

Although this origin seems equally unlikely, it relies less on coincidence and coincidence. Origins of Carnage in Comics. Ignoring the coincidence that the Venom symbiote just happened to give birth because it was helping Eddie Brock escape from prison, the beggars believe that the symbiont race doesn’t care about its young or He has no emotional attachment to his children. This was reportedly the reason the Venom symbiote didn’t feel the need to tell Eddie Brock that she was pregnant. It is hard to believe that any species can get along with symbionts without having the drive to protect their young which is a major instinct for most animals.

This was also impossible, as there was no family affiliation between them. Symbiote Race, that the Venom symbiosis was not concerned with how coming to maturity on another planet might make its children more powerful. This factor gave Carnage the unique ability to transform his body into weapons and the memories of other creatures, making it a threat to its symbiotic parent, even with a maniac such as Cletus Cassady. Ignore the bond. Given all this, it was a good move for the screenwriters. Venom 2: Let the Massacre Happen Cletus happens to find another way for Cassady to achieve a symbiotic relationship without the venom by simply leaving his child in his cell.

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  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)Release date: September 24, 2021

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