Why Ubisoft is remaking Splinter Cell

Ubisoft Toronto to be remade splinter Cell, the beloved stealth shooter game starring sole Sam Fisher instead of developing a 2013 sequel splinter Cell Blacklist, Fans of the studio’s stealth-shooter series were left wondering what had become of Sam Fisher after its 2013 release, in which the character only made a cameo appearance. Ghost Recon Wildlands And Ghost Recon Breakpoint, as well as playable operators rainbow six siege, rumors of a new splinter Cell persisted throughout that time, but instead of developing a follow-up action for blacklist In Tom Clancy Franchise, the next entry will be a remake of the original game, which was first released in 2002.

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splinter Cell, Like block And Rainbow Six, based on the novels by Tom Clancy, a noted American author who focused primarily on post-Cold War military and espionage fiction. in 2002, . first video game adaptation of splinter Cell was released on several platforms, most notably the original Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. The story follows Sam Fisher, who is reputedly voiced by Michael Ironside, a black ops agent working for the National Security Agency, as he investigates the murders of two CIA officers and the president of Georgia and the Chinese government. Uncovers a complex plot involving

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as the 20th anniversary of splinter Cell With 2022 ever closer, the game and the franchise as a whole are now considered to be a significant influence in the stealth genre. It was also praised for its graphics and lighting effects, and, as such solid snake-fronted metal Gear Solid, splinter Cell Incorporate futuristic technology into your plots. technology age, however, and splinter Cell The series’ commitment to its visual integrity is part of what encouraged the Ubisoft Toronto team to begin work on a full remake.

Why is Ubisoft remaking Splinter Cell instead of making a sequel?

Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell.

In a long news article by Mikel Repraj Ubisoftwebsite, the company not only announced the existence of splinter Cell Remake, but the engine that the Ubisoft Toronto team is using for development – Snowdrop. While Snowdrop may not be as much a household name as EA’s Frostbite, it is the engine running some notable upcoming games, including Avatar: Pandora’s Limits and untitled (and unreleased) star wars ubisoft games, With a new engine comes new capabilities for visuals and gameplay, and a news article from Ubisoft specifically mentioned “dynamic light and shadow“who were partly responsible for splinter CellRise to fame in 2002.

The announcement on Ubisoft’s website also includes an in-depth interview with some of the developers. splinter Cell remake. However, the synopsis of the interview, and his reasoning behind the remake, essentially hinges on two factors: visual innovation and gameplay upgrades. splinter Cell According to the developers, the remake stays true to the roots of the series, and will tell a linear story, which hopefully updates visuals and controls for modern audiences who may have no prior experience. Sam Fisher other than his nonsplinter Cell cameo,

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In interviews, Matt West, one of the developers, mentioned that the remake route for the franchise is better than a simple remaster because splinter CellFocuses on the visuals first. A remaster will simply upgrade existing assets while a complete remake is allowing the team to implement new technology that did not exist in 2002. Even more so, Snowdrop is specifically described as “an engine for”New generation visuals and gameplay”, indicating that the process is focused on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Like every new generation of consoles, it will take a year or two for developers to get their footing with the new technology, but building a splinter Cell The remake focuses on innovation, using Snowdrops.

Why isn’t Splinter Cell getting a remake?

Sam Fisher in the Dark.

Additionally, a splinter Cell A remake is more likely to bring in new players than a remaster. There are thousands if not millions of gamers who weren’t born in 2002 when splinter Cell and the first tom clancy Released games or that were too young to play through. Especially with the update to the controls, which the developers described as a key component of the remake process, it’s more likely that this will happen in the upcoming game. splinter Cell The release will create an entirely new generation of fans for Ubisoft’s franchise.

Will Ubisoft announce more splinter Cell The subsequent games of this remake remain to be seen, but chances are high if demand for the franchise reaches an all-time high once it is revived by the remake. for a long time splinter Cell Fans have been demanding Sam Fisher’s return for years blacklist Leaving many unresolved narrative threads, and a remake is a strategic way to reinvent the series. If the remake is successful, building on an already beloved story and innovating on console technology, it could be a fresh start. splinter Cell Era on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

apart from cameo ghost recon And rainbow six siege, splinter Cell and Sam Fisher Missed by an entire console generation, a fact that developer Peter Hendrinos touched on in an interview on Ubisoft’s website, implying that there’s nearly a decade of technology that’s never been used in the Tom Clancy series and many new gamers who’ve never used it. Haven’t touched the game. given that splinter Cell development teams were able to create in the past, especially in the early 2000s with games such as Pandora Tomorrow And chaos theory, and where the technology is today, it is possible that splinter Cell Could not only advance the industry but also reintroduce more traditional stealth experiences into the cultural zeitgeist. he alone makes it come again splinter Cell series with new games Worthwhile, and taking the original game and updating it for a new audience is a perfect place to start, assuming the remake’s reception is positive when it eventually releases.

In Ubisoft’s announcement, there is no indication of a possible release date, so it splinter Cell The remake, most likely, is at least three years away, depending on the scope of the project. Because the news article specifically states that Ubisoft is just flagging development splinter Cell remake, it’s also safe to assume that gamers won’t even get a glimpse in the trailer for a while. Waiting can be tough, especially for dedicated splinter Cell Fans who have been waiting for this moment for years, but it’s time to take comfort in the revival of a long dormant series and are eagerly waiting to someday bring back those famous spectacles.

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