Why the front man actually wears black – squid game theory explained

A CMY color theory helps explain why the front man of the squid game wears black; This is because he controls the people, systems, and money of the game.


The front man is one of the most gorgeous and mysterious figures squid game, which helps explain an interesting theory as to why he wears black. The Korean drama has been a huge hit for Netflix, becoming the most-watched show of all time. squid game Not only does it captivate the audience with its creepy concept, but it also keeps them hooked with its plethora of mystical elements.

The most important of these mysteries is identification of squid gamefront man, which runs the shady organization on behalf of the host. Throughout the series, the front man stands out from the rest of the game’s workers due to his special mask and black suit, as opposed to the red outfits of the regular henchmen. Not only does he take command of the current game with his players and workers, but he also discovers that Joon-ho’s missing brother, In-ho, was a previous winner. squid game Season 1 never fully explains how In-Ho Squid went from winning the game to becoming his front man, a question that could potentially be answered in Season 2.

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theories abound whether In-Ho’s identity as a front man to mean squid game season 2 but a reddit theory, in particular, focuses more on the front man personality, and why the figure wears black throughout the show. The theory revolves around a CMY color theory (cyan, magenta, and yellow) in which the front man is present in the center, black. In short, the Front Man occupies a central position on the color wheel because he controls people (cyan), systems (magenta), and money (yellow).

front man squid game close up

These are the constituent colors of the wheel, and the different combinations are reflected in the colors the different characters wear. For example, when people participate in games to chase money, the combination of cyan and yellow gives the color green that players wear. Front man controls the entire participants squid game because of his role in the conduct of the deadly competition, and he is also at the top squid gamemasked worker hierarchy. They can also be said to be in charge of the money, as they seem to have great power in determining how the game will end. This appears in Episode 7 when he uses a control panel to make it more difficult to manipulate the situations of the Bridge game. Thus, because he controls the cyan, magenta and yellow components of squid gameThe front man should wear black as it is a combination of all these colours.

This theory begins to disintegrate in the last two episodes of squid game, However. If black is supposed to be worn by characters who have everything, this fails to explain why Sae-byeok, Sang-woo, and Gi-hun all have to wear black for the final game. Tuxedo is given. At this point, most of his friends have died, with little power over his fate, and none of the Squid Game’s 45.6 Billion Won Still, all three really lack all the components. However, the tuxedo includes a white shirt, which may indicate this deficiency.

It is also not quite true that the front man controls people, systems and money. squid game. As shown in Episode 9, the gap is actually the game’s creator, Oh Il-nam. The front man, as it turns out, is not someone who has abandoned his family and possibly killed his brother, is only part of a system run by someone else, and while he has previously There must be money from winning games, he has never seen such use of it. The theory why the front man wears black squid game Interesting to consider, but in the end, the character can only wear black because it helps to intimidate him.

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