Why might Stranger Things 4’s monster villain be bigger than Mind Flayer?

new villain strange things Season 4 may be even scarier than the mind flayer from Seasons 2 and 3, and here’s why. In just three seasons, strange things has created its own mythology, drawing inspiration from various 1980s works as well as fantasy tabletop role-playing games. Dungeons & DragonsHowever, there is still much that the series has to clarify, such as the true nature of the Upside Down. strange things Season 4 promises to address some of these questions, but it’s also introducing a lot of new lore through its main villain.

strange things Season 1 focused on the disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and Experiments in Hawkins Lab, strange things Season 2 explored Will’s return and the consequences of his time in the Upside Down, and Season 3 revealed that the Russians were trying to open the door to another dimension, and had set up a secret laboratory beneath the new Starcourt Mall. . There are two different types of villains in each season: humans (Dr. Brenner, working in Hawkins Lab, Russia) and monsters (Demogorgon, Demodogs and The Mind Flayer).

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As strange things Season 4 delves even deeper into the mysteries of Hawkins and the Upside Down, also in terms of the villains at stake. The human bad guys may be familiar, as Hopper is still stuck with the Russians and Dr. Brenner seems to be making a comeback, When it comes to strange things Season 4’s supernatural villain, however, will see the kids face a brand new D&D-inspired menace that might just be the show’s scariest yet.

Vecna ​​is Stranger Things season 4’s monster

New Upside Down Villain in strange things Season 4 is Vecna, another monster borrowed from Dungeons & Dragons, Unlike the Demogorgon and Mind Flayer, however, Vecna ​​is a more human, and seemingly more vulnerable, enemy. in D&D Vidya, Vecna ​​was originally a sorcerer, but became so corrupted by black magic that she became a powerful, undead creature known as a Lich. strange things Season 4’s Vecna ​​also appears to be a more human figure, and he even speaks in the official trailer, which is much more than Demogorgon and Mind Flayer. The footage shows the Vecna ​​attached to the Upside Down’s signature root-like tendrils, and is clearly distorted into something unnatural, but it’s possible that strange thingsvena There once was a person as well, and there are theories that this is what Robert Englund is playing.

How scary would Vecna ​​be compared to Mind Flayer

stranger things vecna

strange things‘ Vecna ​​would be an even more fearsome foe than Mind Flayer because of his greater ability to plot and manipulate. while the mind flayer strange things Seasons 2 and 3 were sensitive and malicious, never talked about and didn’t seem to have a particularly strong understanding of how humans work. Vecna, in contrast, as a (possible) former human, would be able to match perfectly strange thingsThe young artist, on an intellectual level, makes him a more dangerous enemy. Similarly, if he has wizard-adjacent abilities such as his D&D Equivalently, it can also mean that he is much more powerful. if nothing else, Vecna ​​(possibly portrayed by Robert Englund) in the show) also sports a highly chilling presence. Because strange things With Season 4 promising higher stakes and a bigger scope than ever before, it makes sense that the main villain is ready to beat the Mind Flayer.

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Stranger Things’ D&D Effect

Stranger Things Season 3 Will The Wise

strange things Season 4’s Vecna ​​takes a leaf from last season’s D&D-inspired villains. strange thingsWriters draw constant inspiration Dungeons & Dragons, And the characters are enthusiastic players. one of the first scenes strange things Will shows Mike, Dustin and Lucas playing at Mike’s house. The group has also used worlds and creatures. D&D To better explain what has happened around them. For starters, Eleven used the game board to explain where Will strange things session 1, with the children realizing that he was trapped in an alternate realm hidden from sight but connected with his own, like the board beneath, and referring to Will’s prison as the “Upside Down”. Started. Dustin later compared the Upside Down D&Dof “Valley of Shadows” (which, in real life, is not an official part of D&D canon), which is described as a dimension that “a profound reflection, or echo, of our worldinstead of “and”Decay and death, a plane out of phase, the place of demons. It’s right next to you and you don’t even see it,

Demogorgon of strange things was named after a powerful D&D Demonic monster. In the game, the Demogorgon is referred to as the Prince of Demons and is depicted as an 18 feet tall reptilian hermaphrodite demon with a somewhat human form, with two mandrill heads protruding from its twin snake-like necks, And the arms end in long tentacles. Demogorgon Inn strange things session 1 It was named after Eleven after that game piece was used to show what Will was hiding. Mind flair also comes from the world of D&D, and in this, it is a psychic humanoid with tentacles on its face and that eats the brain. It primarily uses its psychic abilities to mentally enslave other beings, which is why Dustin used it as an example to explain the Shadow Monster and its motivations. However, given the Mind Flayer’s abilities shown in strange things Season 3, the creature can also be compared to a more modern creature D&D: Oblex.

The Mind Flair and the Oblex

Stranger Things Season 3 Mind Flayer

as indicated by nerdist, strange things Season 3 adds some of the features of Oblex newly returned mind flare, in D&D, is a very intelligent ooze created by Oblex Mind Flairs that feeds on the memories of other beings. It is able to use those memories to create replicas of its victims, which it uses to hunt. An obliques looks like a large, red, gelatinous thing with tentacles inside its body and a screaming face. It can make reliable copies of its victims, which are made of the same ooze as obliques, and are very similar to the victim except for a slight smell of sulphur. The replica can move up to 120 feet away from the obliques, but it may not be completely indistinguishable.

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in strange things season 3Of course, Mind Flayer worked in a similar way: it took Billy under its control and used it to create an army called “The Flayd”. Those “infected” were instructed to ingest various chemicals and were later recalled by the Mind Flayer to transform into Goo and become one with the Monster, creating an enormous Mind Flayer. Although these were not replicas of the victims, but rather the original bodies being controlled by the Mind Flayer, it is a concept similar to Oblex.

Why can’t the mind flayer return?

stranger things season 3 monster

The Mind Flayer has already stared in two (evil) strange things weather, and while it is an interesting, dangerous creature, strange things Season 4 needs (and will) explore other options. upside down After all it is home to more than Demogorgons and Mind Flayer. Using a Shadow Monster one more time would be like recycling a character and trying to keep it relevant by giving it new abilities (which would eventually get tedious). The Mind Flayer was allegedly defeated at the end of strange things Season 3, with the gate closed once again, thus cutting off the body’s connection with the brain – but the same thing happened in Season 2, and the creature’s remains in this dimension made its return possible. in strange things Season 4, however, looks like the Mind Flayer will be eclipsed for good, and Vecna ​​will wreak havoc in his place.


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