Why Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler are loving this “more relaxed” phase of their careers – E! Online

Six Seasons of Lifetime Juggernaut Coming very delicately described As “unusual” and “stressful” (in which aspiring professional dancers of elementary school-age were thrown into a pressure cooker that most adults couldn’t handle), “we certainly feel that people have to do with our There’s a need to look at a more personal, real side,” Maddie continued. “I think we wanted to let our guard down and show something that wasn’t produced so heavily, but rather, just that we were having a very casual conversation.”

So casual, in fact, that while they eventually hope to give the audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the recording—or perhaps even attempt a live, in-of-the-audience version—”I think That’s the problem with that. Sometimes we have episodes of laughter where we can’t stop,” Kenji admitted. “Like there are definitely parts of the podcast that have to be cut because we’re just, like, laughing so hard.”

Still, Maddie said, “It would be great fun for people to see a live version of what we do. We’re casual and we’re usually just talking in our chairs.”

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