Why Jonah Hill is our style icon this summer (and always TBH) — E! online

Part hipster, part surfer and all his own, Jonah Hill The celebrity has become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

Always interested in clothing, over the years very bad The actor has transformed from a comedy superstar to a true street style influencer. “When I was getting into comedy, you’d be made fun of if you cared about fashion,” Hill explained. GQ In 2020 “But I always did.” Actually that eye runs in the family, his mother Sharon Lynn Chalkin Being a costume designer.

And now, the 38-year-old’s Instagram feed is filled with colorful looks, bold prints, and standout accessories, her photos offering serious inspo for our own summer wardrobes. Because what could be more meaningfully inspiring than expressing yourself through your clothes and clearly enjoying it? As Hill told the magazine, “I’m still wearing my clothes [Adidas] Samba and fun. I’m not wearing clothes like I’m going to a funeral.”

While he may have been insecure about his love for fashion at first, Hill shared that he’s become more confident in his sense of style, “As you grow as a person and an artist, You definitely have a better sense of self. All my work, whether it’s designing, directing, acting, writing, whatever, I aim for just being my true self. So it means anything at any given moment. Maybe, especially with regards to style.”

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