Why It’s Okay Simon Bridgeton Isn’t In Season 2

Simon Bassett Bridgeton won’t appear in Season 2, but watching Anthony Bridgeton grow into the man he’s meant to be is definitely worth watching.

amazing announcement that reggae-jean page will not be returning for bridgerton Season 2 blindsided many, but it’s okay Simon isn’t in it. The first season of the hit Netflix series, based on the book series by Julia Quinn, follows the intertwined stories of the Bridgeton and Featherington clans. However, the main plot of the series was the romance developing in Regency Era London between Phoebe Dienevar’s naive but pert Daphne Bridgerton and Page’s mysterious Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings.

Although most of the cast was well received and a few fan-favorite characters emerged, none came out of it in a big way. Page as Duke of Hastings, Thanks to his megawatt smile and charming charisma that evokes the ever-popular “bad boy with a heart of gold” trope, Page injected the sultry series with boundless sex appeal and became the subject of many fans. With that breakout role, Page experienced a meteoric rise in Hollywood, being tapped to guest-host saturday night liveRusso brothers cast in buzzy Netflix thriller gray man Chris Evans, alongside Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas, and playing the lead in Paramount’s big budget Dungeons & Dragons Movies.

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But with it the announcement that Page’s character would not return for a second season, confusion was in the works, as it seemed odd that a show would get rid of one of its two main characters. Although, the show would survive without the page And without Simon Bassett. In fact, it is designed to do. Quinn’s series of novels is less a long narrative with the same central characters as it is an anthology, with each book centering on a different Bridgerton’s quest to find love. bridgerton Season 1 was based on duke and me, bridgerton Season 2, however, is based on the second book. Viscount Who Loved Me Joe follows eldest son Anthony Bridgerton as he navigates being at the head of a great household and romance — and his story is more than enough.

Simon’s Bridgerton Season 2 Is Perfect for Anthony’s Story

But after crushing her heart the end of bridgerton session 1, an emotionally frustrated Anthony declares that the trick to marriage is to take love out of the equation. This leads to the story set in the second book in which Anthony resolves to marry Edwina Sheffield, the toast of that season and who examines all the right qualities in a wife. The Netflix adaptation closely follows the book in this regard, as his plans are thwarted when his older sister, Kate, begins to interfere with the arrangement as his rakhi finds Anthony Bridgerton anywhere near his sister. No intention of giving permission.

Although it is disappointing that Simon Bassett has not been included in bridgerton In Season 2, Jonathan Bailey’s Anthony Bridgerton was another cast member who had something of a breakout, albeit for completely different reasons. Anthony’s arc in bridgerton session 1 Bridgerton Viscount simultaneously delights and enrages audiences by revealing a tantalizing glimpse of the emotionally mature, evolved man he can only be when he goes out of his way, so close to getting it and yet so far. With Simon removed as a distracting influence, Anthony Bridgerton flourishes in Season 2, and it’s not certain if he’ll have to compete with Season 1’s big star. Removing his close friend and ally from the equation also serves to isolate Anthony, the best way to escalate the drama in his central love triangle with Kate and Edwina.

How Bridgeton Season 2 Explains Simon Not Appearing


Reggae-gene Page was technically only slated to appear in one season. bridgerton, This breakout was a part of the star’s contract and was briefly a big reason why he took on the role in general. Mercifully, the creators didn’t choose Simon’s lack of presence bridgeration season 2 be the result of his death. Rather, the show’s producer Chris Van Duysen explained that Simon is at home with the child, while Daphne travels back to London to help her family through their current scandal and to counsel her brother. Simon’s departure could force some creative writing when it comes to a solid explanation as to why he doesn’t get back with Daphne, but the show simply chooses not to focus on it. Van Duysen recently did an interview tv line And his full commentary on the subject can be read below:

“We reference Simon. In the first scene of season 2, daphne mentions that she left her husband and child at home [to be there for Eloise’s debut], Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him to be part of the second season of reggae, but he will always be the Duke of Bridgeton. He’s not going anywhere in the world of the show. And just because we don’t see him, doesn’t mean he’s not there.”

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Simon’s Not Appearing in a Cameo Was Right for Bridgeton Season 2

Bridgerton Simon Bassett Hastings

At the end bridgerton Season 2 is better without Simon for a few reasons: First, his story with Daphne has already been played out. full focus of bridgerton Season 1 was on the romance of Simon and Daphne and viewers experienced Simon’s full character arc throughout their relationship. That story doesn’t really need to be elaborated on at this stage. Another reason is that bridgerton The television show follows the book series and episodic focus on a different Bridgerton child each time. bridgerton Season 2 adapts the book Viscount Who Loved Me, which is about Anthony and Kate and only features Simon a few times. In the end, Simon’s noticeable absence is integral to Anthony’s development as a character. Given the current scandal the Bridgeton family is going through at the moment, and it seems like Anthony needs all the help he can get from his friend, his greatest ally may actually be Daphne. Surely Anthony will feel the absence of his friend but at the same time it is necessary for him to grow.

Importantly, in Anthony’s love story bridgerton season 2 Extremely entertaining, if at times insane, and the payoff of seeing him eventually become the man he alluded to in Season 1, hugely rewarding. Simon Bassett’s complicity is missed and will remain, but there’s no reason he couldn’t return in later seasons, and Anthony Bridgerton’s development is already in place to make the second season’s story as watchable as the first. is more than enough.

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