Why fans think 90 Day Fiancé star Mike Burke manipulated the cast for support

Watching Mike get coddled by 90 Day Fiancé: The 90 Days cast before judging Ximena during Tell-All was hard for many TLC fans to watch.

Fans Suspect Mike Burke Manipulated 90 day fiancé Supported him in spite of his bad behavior. The 34-year-old became a household name after debuting in 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days season 5 with the 25 year old Colombian girlfriend Ximena Morales, The beloved New York man suddenly shows his true colors when Ximena threatens to break up with him. Mike was judged to have thrown a fit in front of Ximena’s children and family when he refused to leave his house because he was paying rent. Fans never expected to see this side of Mike, but his cast members found a way to blame Ximena for it.

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Naive New Yorker Mike Ko Recognized as Best Artist of 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days Season 5 when fans noticed that Ximena was using them for money. He realized that Mike did not deserve the way the gold digger Ximena treated him and took advantage of his kindness. But as it turns out Mike said 90 day fiancé The cameras tell many lies about his relationship with Ximena. Didn’t meet Mike Zimena on Tinder, as he initially claimed. It was Ximena who exposed Mike’s lies when he warned him that he would stop giving him money if he broke up with her. Ximena said that if this happened she would start working as a model, prompting Mike to make fun of her and ask if she would work as a model on an adult site. Ximena reprimands Mike by telling him that he met her on an adult cam site and offering to pay his bills if he quit.

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However, during the tell-all, 90 day fiancé The cast slammed Ximena for taking advantage of the mic. It was almost as if they had not seen Mike and Ximena breakup scene In the final two episodes, that shows the true nature of their mutually transactional relationship. The artists coding the mic could actually be due to not being aware of the reality of it. The Tell-All was filmed sometime in January of this year, long before the episode brought Mike’s flawless personality to the screen. This may have given Mike enough leeway to criticize couples such as Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo for their relationship troubles when his own future with Ximena was in jeopardy.

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In fact, there was a point during 90 day fiancé The tell-all when Mike told Ben Rathbun that if his girlfriend would have ghosted him at the airport as Mahogany Roca did to Ben, he would have just left. This was when fans noticed Mike refuses to leave Ximena’s house Despite his many requests. The same Mike who technically manipulated Ximena into dating her by giving her money found it easy to influence his cast into buying his narrative. Also, Mike is now trying to make friends with the new 90 day fiancé Cast members by contacting them on Instagram.

Mike is seen telling Bilal Hajeez that he has slipped into his DM. He has also recently shouted out Jibri Bell on Instagram. Mike’s annoying actions have been called out by fans, who think he’s going to use new cast members to stay relevant or simply get them to support him in his war against Ximena. Although Mike claims he and Ximena are back together During the tell-all, 90 day fiancé The couple broke up shortly after the Cartagena trip. Ximena has confessed that she is single again. And Mike’s hunt for empathy and celebrity status is supposed to give him a new spin-off, and perhaps make him a more controversial brand. 90 day fiancé A star like Big Ed Brown.

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