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However, he gives no timeline, which would allow for a confrontation between the two at any point between the end of their duel. revenge of the Sith and when they fought again a new Hope-Which Vader said to Obi-Wan, before the Jedi sacrificed himself to become the Force Ghost, “I’m waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, finally. Circle Now It is complete. When I left you, I was only a learner, now I am the master.”

“It’s something that we really looked at and obviously, it’s not something you do lightly,” Chou told io9. “We’re coming out revenge of the Sith, And obviously, whatever happened with Order 66 and Anakin and so much of that weight is coming into the series with us that it felt like a natural Anakin/Vader would be a part of it. It’s very much connected to where he is in his life at the moment.”

In Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the JedicLuke, now a Jedi, tries to convince Vader that there is “goodness” in him and urges him to come with him. His father replied, “Obi-Wan once thought as you do.” during their showdown revenge of the SithOf course, Obi-Wan makes no such comment but calls Vader “lost”. It’s possible that the new series will explore further attempts to lead the villain to redemption.

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