Why did Sophia Bush leave Chicago PD after Season 4?

The One Tree Hill star left Chicago PD unexpectedly and without reason at the time, but a year later she explained why she left the show.

Sophia Bush leaves NBC’s Chicago PD before the end of his contract in 2017, but the reasons why he did so were revealed later. She rose to fame thanks to the teen drama one Tree Hill, which aired from 2003 to 2012 on The WB then on The CW. In addition to being an actor, Bush is also an activist who advocated for various causes and is one of the founders of Time’s Up, a non-profit organization that provides support. women victims of sexual assault.

Bush as Detective Erin Lindsay Chicago PD Season 1 until she moved to Season 4. Lindsay becomes part of the Intelligence Unit when Detective Sergeant Voight (Jason Beghe) takes her into juvenile custody. Accused of assault and risk of dismissal from force, Lindsay decides to work with the FBI in New York. NS love, victor actor was part of the main cast of Chicago PD but also appeared in other shows in the franchise, Chicago Fire, Chicago Medi, And Chicago Justice,

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in an episode of Chair Expert with Dax ShepardBush reveals why he left Chicago PD, She told how she was very sad, how to choose to remain Chicago PD would mean”certain death,“And he won’t have”Got it out of here.“she mentioned”Incessant assault, barrage of abusive behavior“She was subjected to and even described an episode of aggression where the men in the room looked away and did nothing to defend her. Bush’s poor working conditions.” described how the cast and crew worked and explained “how to work in”below freezing temperature“Caused six PAs to get pneumonia. She claimed it was a work culture mistake, as was the attitude”that it” And “get the job done.Bush also revealed that she was made to believe that she could not talk about those issues because “If your boss tells you that if you create a ruckus, you will deprive everyone of their jobs, you believe so.,

Chicago PD Sophia Bush

The actor again cited the work culture as it was so difficult for him to raise the issue. Bush reported that when she reported the situation to her attorneys and agents, they asked why she hadn’t gone to them sooner; However, when she told her bosses that either things had to change or she would leave, she was told that changes were not possible. NS love, victor actor It also shared that the issues were hidden from higher-ups, because when Jen Salke heard about the head of the network, it didn’t force her to stay, and Bush said she appreciated it.

All these factors made him realize that he would alwaysThe crew preferred to show ahead of the ship and their own health.“Something had to change, otherwise it would have happened”separated.Sophia Bush made the tough decision to leave Chicago PD for his well-being, and it can only be hoped that others will not face similar work challenges.

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