Why did NASA stop exploring the ocean?

NASA is famous for being a space exploration government agency. But did he ever explore the oceans, and why did he stop doing so?

Search ‘NASA‘ returns a plethora of results online, with a group of people asking why NASA stopped exploring the ocean. It’s certainly an interesting question, but not for the reason you might think. It’s no secret that Earth is a fascinating planet With an extremely rich history. It is the only known planet in the universe with life, massive dinosaurs roamed its surface millions of years ago, and the land space has changed dramatically over the years due to continental drift.

More than almost any other part of the planet, Earth’s oceans remain completely tantric. The main reason for this is that the vast majority of oceans have not yet been discovered. Thanks to a combination of impossibly deep water, extreme pressure, and a lack of sunlight, more than 80 percent of the total oceans on Earth are a total mystery. as you might expect, this horror around the sea Drives some people’s imaginations to run wild.

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An example of this is ‘Why did NASA stop exploring the ocean?’ some people believe that NASA was created to explore Earth’s oceans, but soon after doing so, it shifted its focus to outer space. As fascinating as a story is, there is no truth in it. NASA was founded in 1958 in direct response to the Soviet Union launching its Sputnik I satellite. Since 1958 and here in 2022, NASA’s sole aim has always been to explore outer space. While the organization helps build weather satellites for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA has never used investigate or explore the oceans,

Why people think NASA discovered the oceans

About Nasa Tiktok Video Exploring the Sea

As is often the case these days, why did the question ‘Why did NASA stop exploring the ocean’? a viral tiktok video, In March 2021, the TikTok account ‘memes_to_click’ uploaded a video which claimed “NASA’s original mission was to explore the oceans.” The video almost immediately jumps into conspiracy theory territory, saying, “they [NASA] Won’t tell us what they found, but their plan suddenly changed to get us away from this planet as quickly as possible.”

And it’s not the only video talking about NASA’s ocean exploration. a tiktok from february 2022 claimed that “You are not alone on Earth. The danger lies beneath your feet. NASA knows it.” another tiktok video July 2021 says NASA investigated a series of missing boats in the 1980s, discovered a ‘massive unknown species’, and then stopped exploring the oceans.

NASA Wasn’t Founded to Explore Earth’s Oceans

US Navy recovers NASA's Orion spacecraft in the Pacific Ocean
Photo: US Navy

Of course these are good stories. The US government created an organization to explore the depths of the ocean, but shortly after that exploration began, NASA discovered something so terrifying that they began researching outer space to try to get humans out of Earth. started doing However, that’s all it is – a story. And it’s a fake story at that. NASA’s history is well documented over the years, and at no point is it stated that the organization was founded to explore the oceans. Visiting NASA’s website today says just as much. In NASA’s own words, “NASA is a US government agency responsible for science and technology related to air and space. The space age began with the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957.” No ocean to talk about.

If NASA never discovered the oceans, why are so many people claiming the opposite? As with everything online, it all boils down to attention. A spooky plot about NASA suddenly stopping ocean exploration is an easy way to get ideas on TikTok, Twitter or any other social platform. As long as people keep clicking and watching videos like this, they will keep coming.

NASA is An influential organization for many reasons, It put the first humans on the Moon, landed the first rover on Mars, and played a huge role in achievements like Hubble and the International Space Station. However, the discovery of the ocean is not part of its history. This is contrary to what some people believe, but it is true. If anything, let it be a lesson not to take history lessons from TikTok.

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