Why can’t you type among us?

After a recent update to Among Us, some players are finding that they can no longer type in the game. Here’s why this happens and how to fix it.

Last major update for among us Airship brought the game’s biggest map ever, but the social deduction game has been receiving small updates since then. an update at any time among us Releases are often meant to smooth out bugs or other problems. Sometimes, this means players find out they can’t type. among us Now more – but often there are other explanations as well. here’s why it might look like this among us Chat features removed, and how to fix it.

In addition to the airship, developer InnerSloth has added Updates that include color changes, 15-player lobby, and a new art style. The company has also rolled out several new chat options as a security measure, which may help explain why users can’t type among us. In fact, being unable to type in chat within games often depends on the type of account people are using.

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There’s a Very Good Reason Why It Actually Appears among us Chat features removed. When the Airship update arrived, it had a . was also involved new account system for among us. Signing up for an account is completely free, but it’s also completely optional. Instead, users can play the game in guest mode and avoid registering with an account altogether. However, this is probably the main reason why players can’t type among us When trying to use in-game chat.

How to fix ‘typing between us’ in chat issue?

Quickchat among us is better than typing

For any user playing among us In guest mode, typing in chat is inaccessible. Instead, they have to communicate using the new QuickChat wheel, which has a long list of pre-built responses, questions, and more. Alternatively, users who sign up for an account but are under the age of 13 will have to use the QuickChat wheel as an added security measure. Therefore, if players are not able to type among us now therefore.

Thankfully, there’s a fairly easy solution for players over the age of 13 who don’t want to use among usquickchat feature. To start typing in chat again, users just need to create a free account, sign in, and use it while playing the game. This will allow typing in chat once again – and for players who prefer not to type among us And use QuickChat instead, but still have an account, they can easily have that new feature as an option as well.

while a major focus of among usThe latest updates have been on changing and improving the maps and crewmate designs, with some minor details (such as the account system) overlooked by fans. Thankfully, being able to type in chat among us This is a very simple solution and a completely free option for users over the age of 13. So for anyone who can’t type among us, the most likely reason is that they are playing the game using guest mode.

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