Why Bear’s Eban Moss-Bachrach came so close to not playing Richie – E! online

Ebon Moss-Bachracho Almost said “No, sir.”

Moss-Bacharach—who plays the antagonistic, yet oddly charming Richie FX breakout BearTurns out he had come very close to missing out on the project entirely.

“He sent me [scripts] the first two episodes, and to be honest, I was starting to make star wars performance [Andor] And I didn’t even read it,” actor Told Entertainment Weekly August 3, “I was so overwhelmed… it was COVID, I was taking my family to the UK [to shoot Andor], It just slipped through the cracks.”

Bear Moss-Bachrach’s without the Ritchie is like Italian beef without Giardiniera – it doesn’t make sense!

“My agent, to his credit, called me two weeks later,” said Moss-Bacharach. “He’s like, ‘Listen, I really think you’re making a mistake by not reading this.’ I mean, this character from Richie was written so well. It was just so beautifully made, and there was so much life on the page.”

We are grateful to this agent.

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