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becoming a princess.

a decade later Bailey Madison stole his scenes just go with it co stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, Were Wizards of Waverly Place The alum is making her way into the limelight with the much-awaited film, A Cinderella Story: Starstruck. This is Chhattisgarh’s sixth film story of cinderella The franchise made famous for the first time Hilary DuffThe runaway Disney hit of 2004. Selena Gomezhandjob Lucy Halehandjob Sofia Carson and Laura Marano followed in his sandal-clad footsteps.

In starstruckCinderella of Madison begins her story as small-town farm girl Finlay who becomes engaged to actor Jackson Stone (Michael Evans Behling) while his movie is being filmed in his Idaho city. Her Audition for Big-Budget Flick Went Sideways, Finale Channels Amanda Bynes In she’s the Man-and takes on a covert role as a cowboy named Huck. yes it’s funny and Lovely. Throughout, Finlay dreams of stardom that will take him away from his evil stepmother (April Telek) and half-siblings Kesar (Lillian Doucet-Roche) and black (Richard Harmon)

Madison, who is actually a “real fan of the franchise,” grew up watching Duff’s original a Cinderella Story. “It’s so timeless,” she exclusively told E! News. “They’ve done a beautiful job creating new versions of Cinderella. I think a lot of girls are able to relate to at least one Cinderella out of it, so I love that.”

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