Why Attack on Titan Season 4 (Probably) Won’t Last

Attack on Titan Season 4 is currently on hiatus, but is popularly known as the final chapter of the anime. Recent developments suggest otherwise.

Despite the gap, attack on Devil Season 4 probably won’t be the end of the show. attack on Devil Season 4 premiered in December 2020, which was already confirmed as the final season of the show. Considering how much manga material remains, wrapping up Eren Yeager’s story within a single season always felt ambitious and, of course, the anime ended differently than the previous chapter, with Marley on Paradis Island, Hawaii. launched a full-scale attack on the ships and all. Luckily, attack on titan season 4 Part 2 has been confirmed with a January 9, 2022 release date, and Hajime is set to wrap up the remainder of Isayama’s popular manga series — realistically, this time. Except, maybe not. last digit of attack on Devil The manga was released in April 2021 to highly divisive fan response. While some fans enjoyed the vague flavor, others were disappointed by the lack of clarity and performance of certain character arcs. Without revealing major spoilers, attack on DevilThe finale is crucial. Every major story is solved, and the fates of the main (surviving) characters are all explained. vague notes of the last chapter, mostly about Eren Yeager, feel thematic in nature, and are clearly not intended as a sequel setup of any kind.

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However, those closing moments will be changed due to the release of unseen additional pages confirmed. As Isayama himself explained, attack on DevilThe final chapter was shortened from 8–10 pages due to printing restrictions. This additional material will be released in early June through the official final section, which will be introduced directly at the end of the original chapter. According to early reports coming in from Japan and on social media, previously unreleased panels add new character pairs, reveal a darker fate for the future, and introduce a main character’s descendants. Most importantly, however, the revised chapter clearly establishes a continuity attack on Devil The story, heavily suggesting that either a season 5, or sequel anime, is in the works.

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Once again avoiding major spoilers for anime-only viewers, attack on Devil Season 4, Part 2 Founder, Ymir will trace Fritz’s full backstory, revealing how this enslaved young girl became humanity’s first titan. In short, attack on DevilThe new final scene of The Legend reportedly recreates the moment Ymir Fritz receives the Founding Titan, but with the aforementioned main character Descendants in the present day. The message in Isayama’s new ending is clear — the attack on Devil With a new generation the curse is going to start again.

That being said, Isayama himself has indicated in interviews that he has no plans to write any more. attack on Devil This means that if the anime were to continue with the previous Season 4 finale in January, it would need to adapt the source material differently, or even start telling its own origin story. let’s say attack on Devil Having been an incredibly successful asset for Kodansha, there’s no question of the studio continuing the franchise in some form or another. Although the initial chapter release gave no indication of how this might happen, the new visuals lay out a possible path toward future projects that largely follow the same premise. it can come as attack on Devil Season 5, set after a crucial time and features an entirely fresh crop of tragic heroes.

However, no official announcement has been made for now attack on Devil Season 5 will happen, Season 4 will continue with Part 2 trailers”final season“Title. About 24 manga issues were adapted into 16 episodes of Part 1 of Season 4, and there are about 25 issues left, so the ending attack on Devil Season 4 will really end the adoption of the manga in all likelihood. But judging by how fans have reacted attack on DevilOf the manga ending, a continuation can be seen as a second opportunity to pitch the finale a little better and satisfy fans. On the other hand, the continuation of the ongoing Titan War can mainly be seen as the efforts of Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the rest to discredit. attack on Devil timeline. What was the point in all this if history is destined to repeat itself again? Any anime sequel will most likely be announced after attack on Devil Season 4 finale in January 2022.

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