Which Rick and Morty character are you based on your zodiac sign?

There’s no doubt why fans love rick and morty – An unholy blend of animated gore, existentialism, and the ephemeral nature of human emotion. Since recently ending Season 5, the show has garnered as much critical respect as the controversy it generated (for example, McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Incident)

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in characters rick and morty From humans to androids, from clones to aliens to genetic hybrids of world leaders… and more. It’s interesting to consider each character’s complex personalities, given their intrinsic quirks. Below is a list that sums up some fans with their most appropriate zodiac sign.

12 Beth Smith – Aries

People born under the sign of Aries are known to be responsible individuals, who regularly put others before themselves. Beth has been doing this for over twenty years, noting that her dreams of being a (human) surgeon were put aside when she had her first child before stepping into college. Still, she retains her competitive nature, taking it personally when her skills are underrated. This is shown when she aggressively acts on a deer to prove to her husband that he was not merely a horse surgeon.

1 1 Summer Smith – Taurus

Summers tends to be self-centered, a trait clearly inherited from Rick. With a heavy dose of contempt for authority, Summers becomes a complete Taurus. Unlike Rick or Morty, Summer is often the most fun, He has a fair amount of social intelligence, and proves time and again that he is the most trustworthy in his family. This is seen when she is the only one to realize Tiny Rick’s cry for help, forcing him to return the body to his old self (something that even Morty fails to understand). Is).

10 Morty Smith – Gemini

Morty Smith, at least, is a highly conflicted teenage boy whose moral code is constantly broken when he goes on adventures with his grandfather. As a Gemini, he is able to express his feelings without feeling the need to obscure or justify – although his entire family has ridiculed him for his openness.

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Morty’s perennial optimism, though unbearable for Rick, regularly helps him out of sticky situations. This is shown when he insists on giving up the fart, a sentient gas form, as he believes in the goodness of all living things.

9 Mr Meisek – Cancer

Cancers are defined by emotional depth, as belonging to this sign display a high level of intuition. These features can be found in Mr. Magics, whose sole purpose is to help anyone who calls them for help. Even though survival is a pain for Mr Meisek, they are patient and generous, as seen when one of them allows Beth to reevaluate their marriage. They are also coded to be loyal, but this can have complicated consequences when their loyalty is tested by incompetent people like Jerry.

8 Mr. Poppybuthol – Leo

Although Mr. Poppybuthol seems like a nerdy character, he does more than just entertain others with his goofy behavior (and ridiculous name). Being a Leo, he is openly friendly, never taking sides when it comes to befriending other characters, with the exception of Beth (since he shot him). Mr. Poppybathol’s energy and dynamism is electric, which is why everyone on the show – as well as many viewers – find him utterly adorable.

7 Jerry Smith – Virgo

Jerry Smith is a mediocre husband and father whose life revolves around his total lack of self-esteem. He reveals all the negative qualities of a Virgo, such as his emphasis on tradition. This is shown when he refuses to believe that Pluto no longer has a planetary status, as he hates the idea of ​​being left behind intellectually.

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Jerry’s mere existence is an annoyance to both Rick and Beth, mainly because of his habit of nitpicking everything that happens in the house. Jerry does display some modest amount of bravery, however, when he faces off against the murderer Mr. Misekes and manages to accomplish the task at hand.

6 Abrodolf Linkler – Tula

The Abrodolph Linköler cannot come to terms with his own dichotomous nature. He is locked in an eternal struggle with his mind, but at the same time ready to sacrifice himself to save others, a genuine Libra attitude. For example, when he takes on a giant alien monster to protect Summer’s house party – fully aware that all he can do is provide a distraction. By doing so, Linkolar has gained a kind of inner peace, even though his ultimate destiny is to be used as sex-toys for demons.

5 Squanchy – Scorpio

As a Scorpio, Squanchy Is Unpredictable (And Even True Fans Don’t know everything about Squanchy), sometimes to a ridiculous extent. In the episode “The Wedding Squanchers”, he drinks a chemical present inside a tooth, which results in him turning into a monster. He proceeds to fight the soldiers of the Galactic Federation with the utter ferocity of a Scorpio trying to save his loved ones. The squunchy is usually a docile creature, but can be overly intense.

4 bird person – sagittarius

The birdperson is honest, giving, and hospitable, all typical traits of people born under the sign of Sagittarius. He is one of Rick’s most trusted friends, noting that they fought together on several occasions. The birdperson can be very cynical at times, such as when he tries to feed Morty “random debris” from the carpet because he inexplicably doesn’t know what humans eat. Nevertheless, his aim was to help make Morty stronger, so that he can go back and save Earth with Rick (in the episode “Get Schifty”).

3 Evil Morty – Capricorn

Capricorns are often intelligent, determined and have a solid plan for any possible eventuality. Evil Morty displays all of these characteristics, seeing as how he managed to get himself elected as the president of The Citadel of Ricks.

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He seems to be enjoying his position at the top of a hierarchy, as Capricorns are attracted to highly organized systems. However, Evil Morty is shown to abuse his power, such as when he murders, in cold blood, all Ricks and Mortys who oppose him (or know his true identity.)

2 Jessica – Aquarius

Jessica has largely been the focus of Morty’s teenage obsession for most of the show, but her sweet and sympathetic personality is evident. Being an Aquarius, Jessica’s temperament changes over time, transforming from a malleable teenage girl who only likes parties and jocks, to Rick’s aid when Morty returns to his toxic self at an exotic spa. Disappears after getting rid of. Jessica is effortlessly submissive, as shown when she gently lets Morty down when she realizes their date isn’t going anywhere.

1 Rick Sanchez – Pisces

Rick is a classic Pisces, displaying the great amount of intelligence and creativity that are hallmarks of this star sign. Although he tries to portray himself as a cold-hearted beast—which he almost always does—Rick loves his family to entrust themselves to the Galactic Federation, simply because they don’t have to be outlaws for his sake. Have to become He also shows a slight degree of sensitivity to issues of race, gender, and sexuality, with no such out-of-mouth behavior expected from him.

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