Which iPhone Apps Support SharePlay: Full List

Apple’s SharePlay makes it easy to watch videos with friends via FaceTime, and the list of iPhone apps that support the feature is expanding.

Any iPhone Compatible with iOS 15 Includes Apple SharePlay feature that allows to enjoy videos, music and more with friends and family via FaceTime calls. Naturally, Apple’s built-in apps work well with SharePlay, but several others have joined the list, making it easy to socially connect with other Apple users even when separated by a distance.

FaceTime has always been one of the most notable features of the iPhone, providing video calling via Wi-Fi, one of the best quality available, when it was launched in 2010. As always, Apple wasn’t the first to market with live video calling, but the tech giant quickly rose to the top spot. As technology advanced, FaceTime gained the ability to work over cellular networks, and more features were added. As a result, FaceTiming became a generic term and helped drive the tremendous success of the iPhone in the United States.

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Apple First announced SharePlay at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June of 2021 and plans to release it alongside iOS 15 in September. Unfortunately, SharePlay and some other new iPhone features were delayed. The ability to share video with friends over FaceTime calls finally arrived in late October, with only a few streaming services available beyond Apple’s own offerings. A few more were mentioned in an update in November but so far the rollout has been a bit slow. Hence an ongoing updated list may prove useful for those who are keen to use SharePlay with their favorite streaming media service.

All Apple iPhone Apps That Support Shareplay

Apple SharePlay on Mac, iPad and iPhone

Here are all the iPhone apps that currently support SharePlay,

iPhone Apps That Will Get Shareplay Support in the Future,

The following apps have committed to SharePlay, but the functionality is not yet available. If known, the date of availability includes:

  • bet-plus
  • Disney-Plus (before 2002)
  • ESPN
  • hbo max
  • Hulu
  • master Class
  • Pantaya
  • Pluto TV
  • Star

Essential iPhone Apps That Don’t Have SharePlay (Yet),

  • Netflix
  • amazon prime video
  • Peacock
  • Cinemax
  • youtube
  • Spotify
  • High tide
  • Pandora
  • amazon music
  • Youtube Music

Some other apps that support SharePlay that weren’t mentioned in Apple’s November announcement,

  • Digital Concert Hall for Classical Music
  • Flow, a note-taking app
  • Heads Up!, a charioteer game
  • Lookup: English Dictionary
  • carrot season

This list is expected to grow over time and will be updated to reflect the latest information available. Connecting with family and friends with SharePlay is easy, and doesn’t require iPhone since Mac or iPad can also be used,

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