Which Euphoria Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

HBO’s dystopian teen drama excitement Provides insight into the harsh realities of contemporary adolescents. As excitementbest quotes of For example, the characters are growing up in a world where millennials only saw a glimpse. Relationships are highly transactional, defined by casual sex, business nudes, and the Internet. Gen-Z has a reputation for being more experimental, expressive, spontaneous and individualistic, which is highlighted by both excitementCharacters and Cinematography.

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if excitement There could be one zodiac sign as a whole, it would be a Sagittarius. Gen-Z shares a Pluto in Sagittarius, which is what makes these freedom-loving teens so artsy, blunt, and spontaneous. However, each character brings something unique to the table. Some people spew fire, while others prefer to keep to themselves.

Updated on August 19, 2021 by Kevin Pantoja: one of the main things that made excitement Such a success since it premiered, the characters have varied roles. Each of them is flawed, seems to have a sad backstory, and handles almost every situation in a way that usually makes things worse. Their complex nature makes them relatable for the viewers watching at home who can see the same traits of their zodiac in these characters.

12 Aries: Maddy Perez

maddy perez cheerleads

Fiery, passionate and outspoken, Maddie represents the chaotic and chaotic Aries energy. In fact, Maddy’s Quotes excitement show alone That this girl is straight, but also a little careless. She is not the type who thinks before acting.

When Nate brought another girl to the dance to provoke Maddie, she didn’t turn the other cheek, but decided to dance with another guy in front of her. The Aries man, like Maddie, expresses love in aggressive and contradictory ways.

1 1 Taurus: Fezzo

Fezco on a couch

Certainly the drug dealer audience fell in love with, definitely acts like a Taurus. Fezco loves his family and his friends, and it hurts to see them struggle.

Fezco is one of excitementMost Liked Characters of Because he is loyal, grounded and dependable. If he’s actually a Taurus, though, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll change his career path in Season 2, as the Bull is extraordinarily difficult to replace.

10 Gemini: Cal Jacobs

Cal Jacobs at the Fair in Enthusiasm

Geminis are known for their versatility, flexibility and intelligence. Like Cal Jacobs who leads a double life to feel good about themselves, they get bored really quickly.

These airy creatures are adept at showing off and lying; They can adapt to all kinds of situations. However, Mr. Jacobs lacks much of Gemini’s disjointed approach to life. It’s safe to say that he feels held captive by his family, which Geminis can relate to.

9 Cancer: Cassie Howard

Cassie’s story was fully explored in “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Be While Depressed”. Even though she is more than just a pretty face, she often flaunts her looks. For the most part, she is the most feminine and sensitive of the cast, which makes him a typical cancer.

Cancer is the sign that represents home, roots, and mothers – themes that were heavily highlighted in Cassie’s arc. She is a sympathetic character and this is because she feels deeply like most Cancers.

8 Leo: Nate Jacobso

Nate Jacobs certainly enjoys somewhat of a royal status in his community, but that’s not the only thing that makes him a Leo. A Leo’s biggest flaw is his pride and Nate will do anything to protect his reputation and status, which has turned him into a somewhat dangerous character.

Nate is always cool and collected, but he makes sure to compliment women on his looks, even if he comes from a very rough place. Deep down, he longs for love and admires ambition in people.

7 Virgo: Rue Bennett

Zendaya as Rue in Euphoria

The show’s narrator was born three days after 9/11, which makes him a Virgo. Most people know Virgos as analytically busy bees and because of their constantly busy brains, Rue ended up taking medicine at a very young age. Zendaya There’s also a Virgo, so it’s no surprise that she breathes life into this worldly and self-critical character with so much subtlety.

6 Libra: Chris McKay

McKay in excitement

If Kaisi is a water sign, then Mackay is an air sign; These two do not have much in common, although it cannot be denied that they care about each other. Libras represent partnership and balance.

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McKay is one of those rare people on the show who isn’t completely commitment-scared, but the reality fails to meet her impossibly high expectations and ideals of what a relationship should look like.

5 Scorpio: Kat Hernandez

kat hernandez

Cat Hernandez’s MBTI® ISFP: In fact, he is intuitive, introverted and highly creative. This girl is also incredibly private and likes to keep things to herself. Ultimately, Cat is definitely a Scorpio. Here are some pointers: her dominatrix outfits, the compliments she gets about sex, and her popular fan fiction.

When Kat saw Ethan talking to an attractive girl, she fell silent and was bad for him because she was afraid of getting hurt. Her feelings are deep, but she won’t let them appear as a sign of weakness.

4 Sagittarius: Ali

Coleman Domingo in Euphoria

The conservative Sagittarius is loud, optimistic, and courageous, but these fiery creatures are actually also the zodiac’s biggest philosophers. Rue’s sponsor Ali has a long past, but has since grown into a brutally honest intellectual.

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In the Christmas special, Rue and Ali sat at dinner for almost an entire episode discussing the harsh realities of drug addiction. Since Archer is also known as the zodiac’s best conversationalist, it is fitting that Ali takes the spot as the show’s most prominent Sagittarius.

3 Capricorn: Lexi Howard

Lexie is Rue’s childhood best friend, and Virgo and Capricorn certainly make a great friendship pair. Unlike most of the other girls on the show, Lexi isn’t preoccupied with popularity, appearances, and glittery makeup.

She is the kind of girl who stays loyal to herself and the people she cares about. While the other girls saw Halloween as an opportunity to gain recognition from others, Lexie dressed as Bob Ross. She focuses on what makes her happy and works hard to help her friends like Rue.

2 Aquarius: Jules Vaughn

Jules on the Train Enthusiasm

for the most part, Aquarians are highly individualistic and human, and they love their freedom above all else. Jules is undoubtedly excitementNative of Aquarius: Her basic makeup and her affinity for one night are the most obvious traits on monogamous relationships that support this fact.

In one of the show’s most emotional scenes, Jules sends Rue a text that read only “I miss you”. A water sign will melt their heart, but there is just so much one can get from an Aquarius: a simple three-word text is the ultimate expression of love and affection in the world of water-bearers.

1 Pisces: Ethan Lewis

Ethan with enthusiasm

Ethan Lewis was fascinated by Cat from the moment he saw her. Pisces is naturally attracted to Scorpios, and Scorpios in turn fear the power that the last zodiac sign has over them. Kat was shown somewhat running away from the prospect of something serious going on with Ethan.

Ethan is kind, considerate and in touch with his feelings. He’s not the type who needs to preserve his ego at all costs, but he’s likely to be a victim complex.

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