Where to Find Sulfur Ore in We Rising

To find the sulfur ore in V Rising, vampire adventurers must look for large pieces of stone covered with pale, yellowish patches.

Sulfur is a crafting material in ore we rising Mainly used for making explosives. This natural resource can be seen as a medium sized column covered with yellow and green dust. When hit with the appropriate equipment, the word “Sulfur Ore” will appear, along with a number indicating the amount collected from the node. Vampire adventurers will find several pieces of harvestable sulfur ore scattered around we risingworld map,

Once we rising Fans who purchase sulfur ore are able to smelt it in a furnace to make a ground sulfur powder, which is simply referred to as “sulfur” in-game. With this component, players can create explosives on an alchemy table by defeating Clive the Firestarter, a level 30 V-Blood boss. while harvesting sulfur ore we risingVampire adventurers are advised to use maces, as they are more efficient than a sword or other tool. As with any resource farming, make sure the surrounding area is protected from enemies before collecting ore. Also, consider collecting sulfur ore at night to avoid the annoyance of the sun’s harmful rays.

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Sulfur ore can be found most prominently within Farben Woods. starting area of we rising, This ore is also located in the snowy, mountainous region in the northeast and the Silverlight Hills in the northwest. Keep in mind, however, that these areas tend to have high levels of enemies, so don’t search for sulfur ore in these areas until they are properly leveled and prepared.

Best Sulfur Ore Farming Locations in We Rising

V Finding Sulfur Ore in Moving Map Locations

Here are the best places to find sulfur ore: we rising, As mentioned above, the resource is moderately abundant and can be encountered in many places throughout the map. However, the sites listed below are those that have clusters or multiple nodes for efficient and easily accessible cultivation.

  • Southwestern boundary of the Forgotten Cemetery: Sulfur Ore Nodes ×3
  • Around the large wooded area to the south of the Forgotten Cemetery: Sulfur Ore Nodes ×6
  • Near North and South Roads west of Bandit Trapper Camp: Sulfur Ore Nodes ×3
  • west and far south of southeast we rising Bandit Camp in Farben Woods: sulfur ore nodes ×2 (west) and ×2 (south)
  • Area south of the first militia camp on the western edge of Dunley Farmlands: Sulfur Ore Nodes ×5
  • Bandit Sulfur Mine: Sulfur Ore Nodes ×6
  • West of the 1st Army Outpost in Silverlight Hills: Sulfur Ore Nodes ×5
  • Northwest of the northernmost Silverlight Hills Wedge: Sulfur Ore Nodes ×5
  • Eastern part of the icy region by Sacred Mount Veget: Sulfur Ore Nodes ×4

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