Where to Find (and Farm) Platinum in the New World

The best places to farm platinum in the New World are in high-level areas, so players should make sure they have the proper levels and high-level gear.

Platinum is a valuable and durable metal that New World Players will use high-end jewels and powerful engineering and arcana weapons to craft. Any New World player who wants to build Platinum Equipment on the workbench must be a minimum level of 100 for Jewelcrafting and Level 135 for Weaponsmithing, Engineering and Arcana Crafting.

In order to smelt the ingots needed for crafting equipment, players must first reach mining level 110 in order to obtain platinum ore, which is a significantly higher requirement than before. mining gold or silver in New World. Depending on the miner’s luck, there is also a chance that mining platinum ore veins can yield Tier III and IV gems. like any other ore vein New WorldFinding the best locations for platinum cultivation is simple as long as one knows where to look.

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Platinum ore veins are distributed in Aeternum’s Some areas contain more platinum than others. best places to do find and farm platinum New World Reekwater, Edengrove and Shatter are in the mountains. Players who cultivate Platinum have probably reached the point where they are well aware of the dangers and dangers of each area. Mining platinum is easy, but safely accessing ore veins requires preparation and planning.

Platinum Map in the New World

Several clusters of platinum veins can be found on the mountainous western border of Reekwater, mainly around Skyview Repos and south of Mosswater Borg. New World players going on mining operation Be careful in these areas that high level enemies can move around from 40-60.

Edengrove is an excellent place for platinum cultivation. Several mining nodes are located in the center of the area on top of the rocky ridges to the west. There is also an optimal mining route between Fanglethorne Pass and Creeping Reach which should offer plenty of spots to obtain platinum. The level of monsters and beasts here will vary, reaching a maximum of the mid-50s.

New World Players must equip their best weapons And gear up before entering the dangerous realm of Shattered Mountain. Deadly enemies at level 60 and above roam the area, and will undoubtedly be a major threat to those trying out Platinum. Fortunately, players able to survive in this area can farm the abundance of platinum ore located in the west of the area.

Keep in mind, this information was collected during New WorldThe closed beta phase of the game, which means that the best places to farm Platinum may change once the game is fully released.

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New World Available on PC.

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