Where is Simon in Bridgeton Season 2? How does it explain the absence of a page

Simon doesn’t return for Bassett (Reggae Jean-Page) bridgerton Season 2, so how does the show explain his absence? The announcement disappointed many viewers of the first season who liked the romance between Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Danever) and the Duke of Hastings, but bridgerton Season 2 has moved on from the alluring magic of Duke to focus on Anthony Bridgerton’s romance with Kate Sharma.

In bridgerton Season 1, Daphne and Simon agree to pretend to be court so that other deserving men try to steal Daphne’s attention from Simon, while the Duke will free himself from worrying seriously about marriage. Inevitably, these plans failed when the pair fell in love and eventually married. Jean-Page quickly became a bridgerton fan favoriteAnd his absence from Season 2 will certainly sadden many, but those familiar with the book series may not have found the decision surprising.

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first season of bridgerton It was based on the first book in the series by Julia Quinn. duke and me Simon and Daphne’s relationship, but the rest of the book focuses on each of the different Bridgerton siblings. second novel, Viscount Who Loved MeAnthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and bridgerton Season 2 follows suit. With the TV show continuing to closely follow the books, Anthony is the main character and while Daphne returns, her husband doesn’t come back for simon bridgerton season 2, And here’s why and how the show pulls it off.

Why didn’t Reggae Jean-Page Bridgerton return for Season 2?

Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings sitting down to dinner at Bridgeton

Reggae Jean-Page was contracted to appear in only one season of bridgerton, This was part of the appeal for him to accept the role in the first place, leaving him free to pursue other projects after the season. in an interview with DiversityJean-Page explains why on her one-season role bridgerton was actually the right move, and that’s exactly why he won’t come back for it bridgerton season 2:

“It’s the arc of a season. It’s going to have a beginning, middle, end – give us a year … [I thought] “It’s interesting,” because then it felt like a limited series. I get a chance to come in, I get to contribute, and then the Bridgeton family moves on.”

In the same interview, Jean-Page said that he had “nothing but excitement Bridgerton” but that”There is value in completing these arcs and sticking the landing as well.Because the story of the Duke of Hastings is finished by the end bridgerton Season 1 was always on the cards for him to make a great exit bridgerton Season 2. Keeping Up Upcoming Movies and TV Shows of Reggae Jean-Pagesuch as a major part in the film adaptation Dungeons & Dragons, it wasn’t worth navigating his busy schedule for a small appearance in Season 2. In the books, his character had no further story arcs to complete or undergo major character development. Any minor references or additions to his story in the future could easily be revealed through Daphne, making it somewhat unnecessary for Jean-Page to show up in person. bridgerton Season 2. So how does bridgerton Explain his absence, especially since his wife Daphne still appears?

Where The Duke Of Hastings Is During Bridgeton Season 2

Since Anthony is the star of Bridgerton bridgerton season 2Of course, Duke’s story is no longer the main point of the show, which is the main reason why reggae Jean-Page didn’t return. Thanks for the format of the show, bridgertonThe remaining Bachelor characters get more screen time in their place, with each season focusing on a new character in detail. That said, the other Bridgeton kids each have major roles in Season 2 (besides Francesca, who surprisingly doesn’t appear), and Daphne continues to visit her family home. Her role has changed dramatically from Bridgeton Season 1, in which she appears mostly to help or offer advice to her mother and siblings. She plays a particularly important role in directing Anthony’s story as well.

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While meeting Anthony, Daphne plays a morality tale, telling tales of her own happy marriage that take place off-screen, allowing viewers to stay largely up-to-date. Simon’s bridgerton whereabouts Even if they don’t actually see him. The Duke of Hastings may have several reasons why he is unable to meet himself in the meantime bridgerton The events of Season 2, but the reality is that there is only one excuse used – the malaise. Also, Simon remains off-screen only as he is busy with his life and his property matters. Most importantly, despite Simon’s disappearance bridgerton Season 2, Daphne is far more important than ever to keep her family together and her presence is entirely relatable through mentions of her.

Why It’s Good Simon Bridgerton Isn’t In Season 2

Simon Hastings Bridgeton Season 2

The breakout star of reggae-gene was Page bridgerton Season 1, and since bridgerton Season 2 focuses entirely on Anthony’s story It’s best that Simon isn’t around. Their narrative isn’t really essential to the plot, as audiences already got to see Simon’s romance with Daphne at play last season. The Netflix show is taking a page from the books in that each installment focuses on a new character, which is good for the series because it removes the possibility of the narrative becoming stale. Since Anthony, Simon and Daphne are very different people, this also opens up opportunities for them bridgerton New romance tropes to explore. In bridgetson Romance tropes like Season 2 alone, Forbidden Lovers and Lovers’ Enemy are key parts of the narrative. As the show continues, more characters like Eloise and Benedict will have time to shine, giving viewers an in-depth look at the Bridgeton family as a whole. Simon’s story has already been played out, and it would have been bad for him to distract from Anthony’s story. bridgerton season 2,

The way Simon has only been kicked out of the show is sad enough, but it’s necessary. Unfortunately, some sacrifices are apparently made to the coherence of the plot to explain Simon’s absence. The idea that Simon will not appear to support Anthony as his family threatens to separate is simply incomprehensible, despite their being very close friends. And bridgerton Season 2 just says that Simon is busy elsewhere in the service of alienating Anthony and the drama of his romantic love triangle is working out better.

Bridgerton’s creator Chris Van Dusen has spoken out about Simon’s absence in Season 2, suggesting that he wanted Page to return as Duke:

“We reference Simon. In the very first scene of Season 2, Daphne mentioned that she had left her husband and child at home. [to be there for Eloise’s debut], Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him to be part of the second season of reggae, but he will always be the Duke of Bridgeton. He’s not going anywhere in the world of the show. And just because we don’t see him, doesn’t mean he’s not there.”

in a positive way, bridgerton Season 2 works out without Simon, as Anthony and Kate Sharma’s love story progresses. Let’s just hope they aren’t forced to sit out Season 3.

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