When the Legion of Thieves is engaged in the Legion of the Dead timeline

Netflix’s Army of Thieves precedes Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, but where does the prequel sit on the franchise timeline?

here is when army of thieves happens in relation to army of the dead, After Spartans and Superheroes, Zack Snyder Returns to Zombies in 2021, Dropping army of the dead To much acclaim on Netflix. Set in Las Vegas, brimming with the undead after a mysterious outbreak related to Area 51 army of the dead has achieved significant success on Netflix, breaking down the platform’s top 10 most-watched movies. even before army of the dead Scored big (and especially now that he has), Snyder and Netflix had big plans for the franchise, with spinoffs and sequels galore.

the first of these is army of thieves, Joe Matthias Schweghofers. focuses on army of the dead Safe-Cracker, Ludwig Dieter. Also directed by Schweghofer, army of thieves Ludwig joins Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel) and several other international talents in a story that investigates the safe-cracker’s first heist escape. instead of continuing from army of the dead‘Send, army of thieves The prequel essentially serves as a prequel set before Ludwig’s fatal recruitment to Scott Ward’s Vegas team. But when the audience knows in which order the movies sit chronologically, where army of thieves Really sit on Zack Snyder’s ever-expanding zombie timeline?

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army of the deadThe opening sequence of the series begins with a zombie outbreak, when Zeus escapes his military transport from Area 51 and begins to infect Las Vegas raves with reckless abandon. The intro’s credits then roll over to a Richard Cheese-sponsored montage that covers the ensuing fight, where the likes of Ward fought to contain the undead mob within Vegas, and erected a wall around the iconic tourist town. Went. Beginning with Bailey Tanaka visiting the ward in his dining room, remaining army of the dead Happens after 6 years. army of thieves more or less the same time army of the deadopening sequence, right at the start of the outbreak, and 6 years before Dieters Vegas Adventure.

Mathias Schweghofer Stuart Martin and Goose Khan in Army of Thieves

army of thieves Refers to the zombie crisis unfolding in Las Vegas at times, in which Dieter attempts to watch journalists’ news coverage of the city unsuccessfully. He also has visions of being chased by zombies, indicating his ultimate fate. army of the dead, Part of the robbery crew’s motivation is that the distraction provided by events in America will allow them to make their plan go largely unnoticed. army of thieves provides only a brief glimpse of how society at large has reacted to the zombie outbreak, but it is clearly a matter of public fascination.

The prequel also explains why Dieter is eager to take on the dangerous mission army of the dead, taking even a small part of the money. army of thieves Offers a range of safes Wagner’s Operative Ring Cycle. Dieter broke three of the four safes army of thieves, but the achievement is incomplete until he finds that the fourth vault, gotterdamerungLocated in the basement of the casino, Scott Ward’s team is aiming. The dieter thus has the only chance to put his skills to the ultimate test.

army of thieves ends with a scene from army of the dead where Scott recruits Dieter, but the title only states that it is “sometime later” than the mobsters in Europe. Apparently enough time has passed for Dieter to move to America and set up his own locksmith business. The closing scene has also been meticulously re-shot, giving fan theories a . gives confidence about army of the dead time loop, During army of thievesThe zombie outbreak isn’t breaking news, but is apparently attracting a lot of public interest nonetheless. events of army of thieves In a short time, the crew rushes to break the safes before they can be destroyed. Based on these clues it seems that army of thieves about five years ago army of the dead, Though the timeline has been deliberately kept loose and vague.

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  • Legion of Thieves (2021)Release date: October 29, 2021

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