What’s the Little Miss Sunshine Cast So Far, Including Steve Carell

Every time an indie darling with a small budget, two first time film directors, and a talented cast comes along and surprises everyone. Such is the case with the 2006 family road trip comedy little Miss Sunshine, Which grossed over $100 million at the worldwide box office and earned a spot on several best-of-lists.

At the time of the film’s release, Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear and Alan Arkin were already well-known actors, having appeared in countless critically acclaimed comedies and plays over the years, but other members of the little Miss Sunshine The cast, especially Abigail Breslin and Paul Dano, were their introduction to a large audience. In the 15 years since the film has won two Oscars and dozens of other awards, the cast has only become more popular. Here’s Everything They’ve Been Doing Since Release little Miss Sunshine.

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