What Tehaj Mauri Learned From Loving and Losing the Naya Riviera – E! Online

No wonder he’s a . also talking about clever boy reboot—which, he admits, has been a “slow process” as they want to come back with a show that fans of the 1997-1999 original, Mowry as the genius of a boy navigating high school Starring, will really love while attracting a new generation of audience.

When that happens, “it’ll be worth the wait, I promise,” he said, although apparently not everyone who made the original run special might be there.

But he cherishes memories he had with Rivera on set, when they were kids with big crushes.

“It was fun to be able to be on set together,” he recalled, “because we were already friends and family friends at the time.” And you know, crushes are something that always happened—that never stopped.” Maury laughed and added, “But being able to be on set with him was something more fun.”

Maybe She’s Only Been On Two Episodes (Which Includes A School Dance As Each Sitcom) was to do), but, the actor added, “I’m honored to be able to share the screen with him two different times. I think it’s great and something, yes, I have my Photos and my memory are there, but you know something that’s on film and wax. I can look back and it’s special, being able to share the screen with someone you care about is special.”

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