What It’s Really Like to Wear Those Cute Costumes as a Disney World Character (Hint: It’s Hot AF)

While Disney World and Disneyland is full of fun, memorable and thrilling attractions, There may not be an element inside parks that is as important as character interactions. Disney parks bring these popular characters to life in a way that’s hard not to love, no matter how old you are. But when the cast members inside these costumes bring nothing but joy to guests, wearing them can be a lot less fun, especially in the Florida heat.

recently, insider Spoke with a former Walt Disney World cast member named Jenna Parkney. She regularly worked at the resort in the costumes of Winnie the Pooh and King Louis, among others. It’s not necessary to know that it’s hot inside those big, often cute, costumes. But Parkney says that Walt Disney World took this fact very seriously, because the costumed cast was specially trained in how to deal with the weather. Former cast member explains…

As an artist, we had very specific training programs that helped us adapt to that season, and then obviously the costumes and all those elements weighed together. Safety isn’t always there for artists. 1 priority.

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