what is the cast of super 8 doing now

Joel McKinnon Miller (Sal Kaznik)

Joel McKinnon Miller plays a brief supporting role, playing Charles’ father, Sal Kaznick super 8. Most notably, Miller plays Detective Norm Scully on Fox/NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is also known as Dom Embry in HBO big Love. Other TV credits of the actor include American Horror Story, ER, Melissa and Joy, Glee, Workaholics, Good Luck Charlie, Longmire, Bones, Community, Las Vegas, and The New Adventures of Old Christine. Additionally, Miller can be seen in Deadwood, The Closer, George Lopez, Desperate Housewives, Six Feet Under, CSI, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Malcolm in the Middle, The X-Files, carrier, nip/tuck, and murphy brown.

Away from television, Joel McKinnon Miller’s other film credits include The Truman Show, Miracle in Lane 2, Galaxy Quest, The Family Man, Rush Hour 2, Men in Black II, Next after Friday, after sunset, and like heaven. character actor is also seen Atlas Shrugged: Part I, Little Birds, Delta Fares, Dead Men Can’t Dance, Wagons East, and Gun Weddings. Additionally, Miller was heard Swan Princess.

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