What are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly reportedly planning for their wedding ceremony?

After meeting on the set of midnight in switchgrass, a film declared by one of the stars of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly as “garbage” fell hard and fast for each other. Not only did the actress sub as the video vixen for “Bloody Valentine”, but eventually MGK. declared his undying love for using a gun. In January this year, they got engaged after two years of dating. (You can do this Watch the engagement video here.) This means that a wedding ceremony is on the horizon, and Internet breaker, pants-free couple Some reportedly have unconventional plans in mind.

Wedding planning goes well with the Megan Fox / MGK brand

Truth be told, the two have never been quite traditional in their relationship. The official engagement announcement ended with Megan Fox actually saying they “drank each other’s blood” instead of the usual heart-eye emoji fare. fox engagement ring, in fact, the machine gun was designed specifically to draw blood, according to Kelly. Obviously, the same serious approach will be adopted for their marriage as well. a source for I! News said:

They want an extravagant, dark wedding because none of them are the traditional types of people. Megan has thought of wearing a colored dress or even black.

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