What Are Late Artists Including Leonardo DiCaprio Doing Now?

Ray Winston (Arnold “French” French)

Ray Winston was a right-hand man in Martin Scorsese, playing Arnold French, aka “French,” Frank Costello’s originator and closest partner. dead man. Notably, Winston starred in Sexy Beast, Beowulf, Nil by Mouth, Quadrophenia, Scum, Love, Honor, and Obe, Ripley’s Game, Tracker, The Sweeney, Ashes, Jawbone, The Hot Potato, and 44 inch chest. His other notable film credits include Hugo, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, London Boulevard, Point Break (2015), Fools Gold, Cats, Rango, Noah, Snow White and the Huntsman, Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, King Arthur, Cold Mountain, Breaking and Entering, The Proposal, Age of Darkness, King of Thieveshandjob that summer, and Gunman.

Additionally, on television, Ray Winston headed ITV. lenny blue and Vincent. Her other TV credits include Robin of Sherwood, Ben Hur, Moonfleet, Great Expectations, The Trials of Jimmy Rose, Of Knights and Prophets, and ice. Most recently, Winston chewed on scenes as Marvel’s villainous Drakov Kali Mai. Currently, the actor is filming a role in Award Winner: The Life of Jem Belcher.

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