Welcome to Plathville: Why Fans Think Kim Plath Is a Narcissist

Kim Plath from Welcome to Plathville is giving fans reason to believe she’s a narcissist. Viewers do not trust his manipulative and selfish behavior.

from Kim Plath welcome to plathville Used to attract attention, even if it is not always positive. His parenting style, behavior and actions have portrayed him as a villain. Now that the show is on Season 4, fans have more reasons to believe that he is a narcissist.

Barry may be known as the patriarch of the Plath family, but it is clear that Kim is the one who makes most of the important decisions. It may be possible that she had good intentions when raising her children in a strict and conservative Christian home, but not everyone believes this to be true. Unfortunately, even if it did, it didn’t stop the Plath family from splitting up. The way she has treated her children has had the opposite effect and has left everyone involved in despair and heartbreak.

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Many fans took to Reddit to discuss why Kim seems more selfish than ever. Instead of preparing the Plath kids for the real world, Kim and Barry’s goal was to shelter them from it. When welcome to plathville debuted for the first time, there was a lot of focus Kim and Barry’s Religion And some of the rules that he had set for the children. Now that the kids are growing up and the eldest has moved out, the focus has shifted to where their lives are taking them. However, Kim is now getting more screen time in the new season, and some viewers aren’t too happy with it. reddit user, chocolatecaket3am said, “OMG Kim is a major narcissist. The show isn’t revolving around her anymore, so let’s try and make it about her again.”

welcome to plathville Season 4 began airing last week, and that’s already changing, with Kim investing in besides being a mom. This sudden change has got fans thinking that Kim wanted her attention back on him. some fans think Kim and Barry’s marriage issues are not legit and it is fake for all tv. For some viewers, their problems coming from somewhere is a red flag. Suddenly, Kim is investing heavily in her dance studio and going against what she’s stood up to so strongly over the past season.

This leaves viewers wondering how real Kim’s personality is and what it’s curated for TV. Kim was strict about what kids listen to and wear, but none of it seems relevant anymore. Many fans think Kim is looking for a way to rid herself of all the backlash by changing up completely. Another Reddit user in the same thread, bed_bug815said, “It’s the most fake growth journey ever… by no means did he do this big 180 with his narcissism.”

It is clear that the audience doesn’t find the reality star’s new change in heart and mindset real. given Kim’s sneaky behavior in the past, they don’t feel that he can be trusted, and there is a motive behind his actions. whether it’s to gain more screen time welcome to plathville Or change your public image, only time will tell.

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Source: chocolatecaket3am/reddit, bed_bug815/reddit

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