Welcome to Plathville: The Best and Worst Parenting Advice From Kim and Barry

Kim and Barry Plath from Welcome to Plathville have a controversial view of how they raise and educate their children.

from Kim and Barry Plath welcome to plathville Known for their controversial parenting practices and how they raise their children. Over the span of the show’s three seasons, viewers watched Kim and Barry navigate the inevitable moment of their kids growing up and figuring out who they wanted to be outside their expectations. The strict upbringing of Plath children is rooted in the past experiences of their parents.

Kim and Barry’s life choices as young adults served as a cautionary tale and were a catalyst for their current lifestyle and the way they decided to raise their nine children. Although Kim and Barry are Orthodox Christians, he has not hidden the details of his life from the audience before getting married and raising his family. Kim recalled her college experience during Season 1 when Moria was weighing her options and visiting Stetson University. “When I was in college I could have died in many different ways, by the grace of God I came out of it and he saved me and I live a different life now, but the better thing for me would be to experience him.” I didn’t have to experience all the junk.” Barry also reminded that his college experience involved partying and not always making the best decisions.

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Religion is the cornerstone of the Plath family and is the foundation of how Kim and Barry mentor and educate their children, The eldest children have voiced that they do not fully agree with everything regarding their upbringing, even when it comes to particular aspects of their religion. However, it seems that he has not completely abandoned his Christian faith. Even as they go their separate ways and the family dynamics become more stressful, they find comfort in their shared bond. Lydia Plaths Instagram bio explaining his feelings says, “Religion is the last thing I want, a relationship with my father.” He announced the release of his debut song “One with the Father” earlier this year.

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While Kim and Barry believe that education is important, they believe that children can learn from their surroundings and decided to homeschool all nine of them. when talking about His eldest daughter HosannaKim said,Hosanna had a college that offered him a scholarship to do music, but what does he need for college? she is learning more […] she learns head wisdom by ever sitting behind a desk in a collegeThis particular view of education from Kim and Barry has been detrimental to their children. Moria and Micah sat down with their parents and explained how their homeschooling did not prepare them for success as adults. The education they received was not accredited, and therefore, they did not receive a high school diploma. If they want to go to college in the future, they must first obtain their GED. Kim and Barry admit their mistakes Working with the eldest children and to change the way other children are educated in the future. However, it is not clear whether they will completely change their homeschooling methods.

Kim and Barry aim to instill values ​​in their children that will prepare them to lead successful, happy and healthy lives and avoid making the same life choices they choose. Despite the best of intentions, it is clear that their children want to pursue their own passions and interests on their own terms. fans of welcome to plathville Excited to see how the eldest Plath siblings are adapting to life beyond their parents’ aspirations for their lives.

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