Welcome to Plathville star Micah shares cryptic ‘Narcissist’ quote

Micah Plath, from Welcome to Plathville, creates an Instagram story that includes a quote about narcissism. Fans try to guess who it is about.

Micah Plath, who gained popularity welcome to plathvilleShares an unexplained Instagram story about narcissists. welcome to plathville is focused on Plath family life Those who live on farms with limited technology. Viewers are shocked by the family’s experiences as they do not know much about popular culture and share conservative values. Mika is known to be a hard worker in the family and is currently pursuing a modeling career.

In the past, Micah has been focused on following up on the expectations in her family. However, since she started her modeling career, her parents have considered her a negative influence. Micah’s parents, Kim and Barry Plath, hold conservative beliefs, which influences her perception of modeling. Because of this, Micah’s parents were not happy with him being photographed with women or completely undressing. However, modeling has helped Micah gains confidence and becomes More open to relationships.

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Recently, Mika shared an Instagram story which included a quote about self-defense. The quote suggests that a person will not be able to derive the truth from a narrator, as they manipulate the stories to their advantage. The quote also says, “The closest you’ll ever come is a story that either makes them the victim or the hero, but never the villain.” redditor u/broccolichitos wrote, “Who do we think it’s aimed at?” whereas some fans agreed with the general statement, other fans weren’t too happy with the post, as they wanted to find out more about what Micah was talking about. Some people find that he often argues that he doesn’t like drama; However, this post is creating protests.

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Nonetheless, it seems fans have opinions about many of the cast. The strict household does not work for many people and has created a rift within the family. Regardless, fans have supported Micah’s career and hope he continues to do what he wants. Viewers are expected to know more about Mika’s life in the upcoming season of welcome to plathville,

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Source: @broccolicheetos/reddit

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