Welcome to Plathville: Signs Olivia and Ethan Might Be Heading to Divorce

Welcome to Plathville’s Ethan and Olivia hit a rough patch in their marriage, moving to Tampa to work on things, but they could be headed for divorce.

Ethan and Olivia Plath have seen many ups and downs in their marriage welcome to plathville, but there are signs that they may end the divorce. From communication issues to dealing with Ethan’s domineering parents, the pair hit a breaking point in Season 3, but agreed to continue working on their relationship. After moving to a new city, Ethan and Olivia are trying to fix their problems, but some fans say they are just running away from them and they may still end their relationship.

Ethan and Olivia were on the newlyweds welcome to plathville session 1, and it immediately became clear that Ethan did not have his parents’ approval to marry Olivia. Barry and Kim Plath raised Ethan and his eight siblings in a strict household where they weren’t allowed to consume sugar or watch TV and movies, they didn’t appreciate introducing Olivia to new things. Olivia drank Coke for the first time with Ethan, had a sip of wine, and even watched Christmas movies she was never given as a child. While Moria Plath’s relationship with her parents improved significantly over the three seasons welcome to plathvilleEthan became quite spoiled with his parents.

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Barry and Kim have been at the heart of most Ethan and Olivia’s problems welcome to plathville, as he felt he was forced to choose between his family and that of his wife, and felt that he did not stand up enough for her. It didn’t help that when Ethan and Olivia moved in, they were still essentially neighbors of her parents. Things came to a head in Season 3, when Ethan and Olivia found themselves constantly arguing with each other and split up. Ethan wanted to live in his small town, Cairo, and Olivia had her eye on a bigger city.

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Ethan and Olivia went on a rollercoaster during Season 3, as they engaged in marriage counseling, and Olivia even went out at one point. By the season finale, the couple decided to move to Tampa and continue working on their issues. Although welcome to plathville fans were excited that they were able to make, there were still signs in the season 4 premiere that they might not make it.

in welcome to plathville Season 4, Ethan and Olivia were still at odds, with Olivia telling Ethan to return to his bachelor ways and leave dirty things around the house. They also have the added pressure of Olivia’s brother and Ethan’s sister who live in a house with them. Although Ethan and Olivia have given some welcome to plathville Fans hope they can make their marriage work, even as fun activities like roller skating in their street eventually lead to arguments and blame each other for the fall. Olivia even said that although they were Tampa. I am looking for a new beginningThey may have brought all their problems with them to a new state.

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