Welcome to Plathville: Olivia must confront Kim and Barry to save the marriage

Welcome to Plathville viewers think Olivia Plath should talk face-to-face with Kim and Barry Plath to save her marriage to Ethan Plath.

fans of welcome to plathville believe it Olivia Plath needs to face Kim And Barry Plath talks about his issues or the risk of losing his marriage to Ethan Plath. It was not easy for the young couple. Olivia and Ethan are on the verge of ending their relationship, and viewers wonder if extending an olive branch to Olivia Kim and Barry might be the best way to make things better with Ethan.

welcome to plathville The large focuses on many issues within the family, and one of the most tragic is the turmoil in Olivia and Ethan’s marriage. The couple married when they were very young, and despite their apparent love for each other, Ethan’s parents make it their mission to ruin their romance. According to Kim and Barry, Olivia was never the right woman for Ethan. When she shared her desire to pursue her photography career in a bigger city, matriarch Kim no longer felt that they had any common ground. the very first, Ethan was dead set against moving from Cairo, but now he’s beginning to understand that it’s the only option if he wants his marriage to work out.

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Olivia clarified that she will tie up some loose ends when it comes to the in-laws. Ethan seemed to be supportive of his wife, as she told the cameras it was time for them to close this chapter of their lives and move on. The entire season has focused on Olivia’s issues with anxiety, and she feels that some tension may arise because she needs to stand up for the couple who currently haunts her dreams. welcome to plathville Viewers Know Olivia Has Been Away From Kim and Barry, Especially After Ethan accuses him of being a coward, TLC fans think it’s the right time for Olivia to speak the truth while fighting for her marriage,

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Some welcome to plathville Viewers aren’t sure how Olivia should proceed, but most agree that it’s time for the family to talk about their issues. During Season 3, it has come to the attention of fans that Barry and Kim’s upbringing may have had a negative effect on some of their children. Ethan, who flew the cop, was not the only child, as Moriah and Micah had also left their parents’ home. The feud has been going on for a very long time and now it is affecting the well being of Olivia and Ethan. Being able to express their feelings, fans are hoping that the pair can finally move on.

some hope, like Olivia posted an update Taking to social media on their relationship, the couple was seen waiting for their international flight in an airport lounge. Ethan recently shared with TLC cameras that he wanted to travel and see the world before settling down. Hopefully, this means the couple has found ways to strengthen their bond.

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welcome to plathville Airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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