Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard made Olympic history as the first transgender woman to compete in the Games – E! Online

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New Zealand Weightlifters on Monday, 2 August Laurel Hubbard Created history as the first openly transgender woman to compete in olympics. Although the 43-year-old finished the +87kg competition early after not being able to enter the snatch, his appearance 2020 Tokyo Olympics It comes 18 years after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) created a Policy To allow transgender contestants.

Hubbard—the oldest lifter at the Tokyo Games—had competed in men’s weightlifting events before transitioning to 2013. And while he didn’t win a medal, Hubbard certainly feels grateful for his country. And IOC.

“He has supported me through a very difficult time,” Hubbard explained after the contest. USA Today. “I know my participation in these games has not been completely without controversy, but they have been so wonderful.”

According to Hubbard, his presence was “confirmed”. [the IOC’s] Commitment to the principles of the Olympic “transgender competitive policy” since inception. “They have demonstrated, I think, that sport is something that everyone around the world can do,” she continued. “It’s inclusive . It’s accessible.”

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