Watch Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn Meet Metallica—and Jam Out to “Master of Puppets” With the Band—E! online

It’s safe to say that Eddie Munson’s dreams came true this week.

Joseph Quinnheavy metal fan strange thingsnot only to meet metallica in Lollapalooza, but share a jam session for the song “Master of Puppets” with the band backstage. After all, Eddie had An important scene in Ulta along the same track.

In A video shared on Metallica’s Instagram page On July 29, Joseph took the audience with him when he met the iconic group. And while it’s safe to say that Joseph (and his character Eddie) are fond of Metallica, the admiration is mutual. in the clip, James Hetfield Joseph that he is a “big fan” of the Netflix series.

“Have been since season one,” shared James. “My kids and I, it’s been a bonding experience for us.”

On the subject of “Master of Puppets”, Joseph said he had the song on repeat for two years. He added, “I feel very connected to you guys.”

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