Watch Olivia Rodrigo & Conan Gray Hilariously Twilight Scene – E! online

Tweehard on tour.

Olivia Rodrigo currently on it Tart taste world Tour And it looks like she’s having just as much fun off stage as she is. On 8 April, she was shown as his close friend. conan gray‘s behind the scenes tiktok videowhere the two reunite a scene to hilarious dusk,

In the clip, Olivia—wearing a black crop top, a skirt with a picture on it Kirsten Dunstcharacter from virgin suicide and combat boots—spinning around before lip-syncing Robert PattinsonThe famous quote from the film by the character of Edward Cullen, “As if you could get ahead of me!”

The 19-year-old “Good 4 You” singer then runs around the floor of a huge concert hall and the video is edited to speed up like Edward’s super-speed. Conan then lip-syncs to Edward’s next line, “As if you could fight me!” Before running through a backstage hallway and jokingly hitting on an oversized poster of Olivia in similar rapid fashion.

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