Watch Lil Nas X Go Fully Nude for Prison Shower Scene in “Industry Baby” Music Video – E! Online

lil nass x Getting completely clean in its latest conversation starter music video.

The 22-year-old rapper released the visuals for his latest single, “Industry Baby,” on Friday, July 23, and as expected From the limit-pushing musician to the point, Video was completely memorable. Additionally, in the song. Contains a poem from jack harlow and was co-produced by Kanye West.

One of the notable scenes was in which Lil Nas X was shown completely naked in prison with fellow naked inmates, thanks to the magic of pixelation.

In one stanza the shout for is shown Nicki Minaj And Justin Biber With the lyrics, “Need a plaque on every song / I want like one with Nicky now / Tell a rap — A I don’t see you / I’m a pop n — A like Bieber / I don’t ‘T f—k bits, I’m queer.”

The song’s press release included a dedication from Lil Nas X to his 20-year-old self while he was coming off the success of the smash hit “old town road

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