Watch Kerry Washington Flawlessly Recreate Reese Witherspoon’s Iconic Pool Scene From Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon’s later years legally Blonde Hitting theatres, many fans have felt inspired to recreate iconic moments from the comedy. Of course, one striking scene is Elle Woods’ Harvard University video essay, during which she makes her appeal for admission to the institute’s law school. However, what made the scene so iconic is that Woods records himself from a pool. While fans have copied the scene at times, a new entertainer may strike a different chord in the form of Witherspoon little fire everywhere Co-star, Kerry Washington took it with a flawless look.

Of course, viewers know how close the actresses are, as they were already friends before starring in and producing the Hulu miniseries. So Kerry Washington’s homage to the classic rom-com shouldn’t be an overwhelming surprise. Scandal The actress put on her best Elle Woods effect while swimming in her pool. you can see how legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon’s original scene in Washington instagram post below:

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