Watch Johnny Depp’s Reaction When Asked by Disney Exec if the Studio Considered Paying the Actor ‘More Than a Million Alpaca’ for Pirates of the Caribbean

In the sixth week of Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, there’s another viral moment that happened during witness testimony. Tina Newman, a production executive at Walt Disney Studios, was asked about a potential return Pirates of the Caribbean In reference to Depp’s previous quote about alpaca and the actor burst into some uncontrollable laughter.

Earlier in a defamation suit, when Edward Scissorhands The actor was on the stand, Ben Rottenborn, one of Amber Heard’s attorneys, referencing a previous statement by Johnny Depp, which had never been played out in court, about his thoughts on returning for one. upcoming movie from Pirates of the Caribbean The franchise for “$300 million and one million alpaca,” according to his words, which he confirmed was true. This week Tina Newman was asked about it. Check out the moment in court:

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