Watch Jesselyn Siwa Make a Shocking Decision on Sivas Dance Pop Revolution – E! Online

it’s a time of crisis Sivas Dance Pop Revolution,

jojo siwa and his mother except jesaline have spent the last few months mentoring a group of tweens Competing for a coveted role in the newly formed musical group, the XOMG pop-set will be managed by Jessalyn and serve as an opening act for JoJo—and now, they’re nearing the end of Peacock/E! Chain.

That meant making a number of difficult decisions, one of which had to happen on last night’s brand new episode.

as above Sivas Dance Pop Revolution clip show, jesaline was ready to send someone home, but she wanted some outside opinion first.

Enter a range of industry professionals, from music executives to choreographers.

He watched as the remaining contestants each performed before giving their unfiltered takes, and it quickly became clear that ligha, 14, was seen as the weakest link.

As Richie Jackson, JoJo’s choreographer and Lady Gaga, put it: “I felt like she wasn’t into them and made the group a little bigger.”

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