Watch Fast & Furious ‘siblings’ Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster reunite for Fast X in new video full of hugs

fast and furious The franchise places great emphasis on family, both in front of and behind the camera. And the tight bonds between the cast and crew are certainly more important now than ever as the gang restarts production. fast x, Has experienced the first installment in the film series ‘Two-Part Caper’ A few setbacks (mainly the loss of director Justin Lin), But things seem to be moving again, like The Diesel-led film gets a new filmmaker, The stars also appear thrilled to be working together again, including marginal force “Siblings” Diesel and Jordana Brewster reunite in a video full of hugs.

Vin Diesel has been sharing several behind-the-scenes updates fast x Via social media, many of which featured artists both old and new. in one of his most recent instagram Post, he is seen hugging Jordana Brewster, who simply says, “Finally.” Diesel talked about the actress’ “aah” in his caption:

Brother-sister ki ah… my sister on and off screen for two and a half decades. So blessed, so grateful. For those who can get it… we want you to be loved. Grateful to you all and hope you make him and the universe proud. a miracle.

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