Watch Anderson Cooper try to understand why Son Voight is obsessed with this body part – E! Online

Anderson Cooper Took a big step towards learning more about my younger son’s interests.

On Monday, October 4, the 54-year-old CNN anchor visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where host Ellen Degeneres New pictures of Anderson with 17-month-old son shown to the audience Wyatt, who is he co-parent with ex Benjamin Maisani.

“He’s so sweet,” Anderson shared of Wyatt. “She’s just delicious. She’s so happy.” He said of raising the boy, “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

In one photo, Anderson and Benjamin held Wyatt as the child pointed his bare feet at the camera. This prompted the journalist to say, “And Wyatt is always showing his legs. I’m not sure why, but there he is.”

This wasn’t the last time during the interview that Anderson would delve into Wyatt’s apparent allure of extremes. When Ellen asked what Wyatt was enjoying these days, Anderson replied, “He’s into characters now. He’s just starting to talk a little bit. His first word was ‘shoes,’ which I love. ”

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